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In case you are scraping the bottom of the barrel

The Zero History thread in Anything Really got me thinking...

fact: Sindome and CP are about the conflict between haves and have-nots. Plus technology.

fact: Sindome does not have a huge player base. A lot of people have left because what the Had got Taken Away and they got real Sore About That.

suggestion: make some plots that introduce a very limited number of New Something Desirable into the world. There will be a struggle to see who gets it, and they become a bit more of a Have than the Other Guy. Even if that Other Guy lost the New Something Desirable, they kinda break even with where they started. Could even be a temporary Something Desirable. Good example was the holocube thing, that had a lot of people chasing it for a lot of great IC reasons. You can help flesh out characters this way, find objects that mean a lot to them and maybe not too much to everyone else.

And yes you can read this and get all cynical if you think I'm talking about my fucking skillsofts, but I'm not.  I'm trying to come up with something In Theme that doesn't involve low-blow, sneaky assed, power-playing bullshit. Because it will make people Want To Play.

You got a better idea? Then post it.

Some sort of Peeps-style social ranking system or networking among the corporations. Make GOLD/GREEN life more interesting. Player or GM generated one-upmanship of flashy custom cars, antiques, designer clothing...covered by the media heavily heavily heavily. Magazines and gossip news. Shit that really means a whole lot of nothing to the Mix. And the more media attention you get, the more offers for random involvement in plots, or just corporations hanging on your sleeves.

I suppose a lot of this is in how the corpie PCs are played. But the social scene up there could stand to have some GM attention and fleshing-out.

Entirely shut down SIC? Might be boring. Might be fun. Or you could reverse that and make everybody's location get broadcast on SIC for a while, would have the people that want to stay hidden tearing theirs out.
Blow up the library, it's a waste of space anyways.

Make something that will make people want to come to GREEN instead of just Cordoba Mallplex and Grunen's.

Maybe a giant grid/NLM terminal place like....the huge Apple store cube in NYC, or something.

Or a research place with tons of know-it-alls. Or maybe a place where you can pull up a copy of pretty much any item in the game even if it's way too expensive for you ever to buy, and get info on it. Like how many rounds in a clip, or what type of ammo it takes, or if you can lift it with your current stats, or if you can bolt a security system into a car with your current stats. That would actually be pretty useful for not getting to a critical part in a plan and being like "well fuck I guess I can't do that".

Or, I mean, you could put a park.

Might be more effective to turn on The Zombie free for all version of sindome for the next six months and attract players.
Use photos more, someone made a calendar at one point for marketing but it never got published. The process of getting the pictures was a ton of fun though.

Or you could make it a corporation trying to spy on certain people. See who could keep from getting their picture taken the longest or something.


Recall all of a certain object in the city. Or put out something defective and wait until people have a lot of it, then issue the recall after it starts malfunctioning. People would still try to hang on to a lot of these things but with the right incentive it could be a good way to generate outcry from the populace. I'm thinking of when all players with WJF armor not part of the WJF were forced to give it up.

Have one country go to war with or start tensions with another country outside of the Dome, see if you can get players to shake up their relationships due to affiliations outside the Dome. Use media and maybe namecalling/derogative words to stir it up further if the players aren't being 'offended' enough.
Yeah, zombies would be cool.

More ideas. These are examples of something (even though silly) which could be GM-run in order to guide the players into all doing a specific something for testing purposes or to flesh out some part of the game that needs fleshing.

1) mass exodus to the space station, enforced by the law. On the way out make sure to use Afterthoughts (who the fuck uses that now?). See if you can make characters think "I wonder what impression my character has made or what is still unresolved". Might help them hit the ground running with new direction when they are dumped back into the city.

2) some city inspector-type guy who goes around smelling people and writing up stuff on them. This is pretty dumb but I could help by checking for people who smell like sewers, trash cans, or don't have their @smell message set. It's a little thing.

3) trap everybody in a new room and see what ways they can think of to break out of it. Call it fool-proofing.

had another idea along this line but the caffeine is wearing off...

I was thinking about Lena's first idea briefly and I think that it's interesting, but to elaborate just a bit, any plot involving closing of spaces, levels of Withmore due to pollution-whatever, or actually maybe getting the prison going and forcing people to interact in that way.  Maybe I'm wrong but sometimes it seems not even totally having an entire plot made up, but breaking the ice, and giving characters a easy way to begin interaction and seeing what happens afterword is all it takes.
On a note of smaller scale and tailored plots; If players would update their player notes say, weekly or bi-weekly or something along those lines with what they're up to, what they want to do, etc etc, this also helps us a great deal.
@note Cube Farming 4 life

Day 138 of my forced solitude in my cube of impenetrable doom. I've decided my character has been drinking recklessly,  ordering pizza, and pissing in the empty liquor bottles then hurling them into the streets. For some reasons this is causing his luck to increase exponentially. Not sure why but fuck it: he's irish. Since I have no income and even less interest in dealing with the neverending self-righteus shitshow of SD - I've decided to bunker up in here until it blows over. If it ever blows over. I saw a newbie today and tried to help him. He died. Something about a horse to water and making it drink, right. Is there a GM command for that? It might help. On a sidenote, Lena's unrelenting quest to bring life back into SD is kinda sweet. Maybe she's onto something. Anyway...this is way too much work. I'm gonna go idle for some more ue. Anyway, I digress. Much love, you're favorite character.

Something like that?

I mean are their even players RPing with eachother enough to result in a @note? I wouldn't know for the above reasons but I'm curious. Well, not really...but I'm bored so I'm posting.

Yes. Perhaps you need to stop being an assclown? That would help *your* situation.

If you want my honest opinion you do more harm then good around here and that has been constant for some time.
And yes, I allready predict your response will be something like a "n0 u!" because that small clique of characters that you talk on aim/IRL with outside the game both hate me because I was mean to them with my character along time ago and you all wish to come to conclusions on things you know nothing about. It's fun. Especially when you all try and stir up this shit on the boards and OOC chat because there is an issue and instead of reporting it it's straight to slander. Almost all of your arguments are trivial at best, and are usually based on contempt that you are not the winner of SD. If your sidekick there would learn to keep IC and stop doing the same things, then they wouldn't be where they're at either. But you know this. It has been discussed with you in private, there are logs and notes etc etc. You know this as well, since you used to be a GM and got fired for being an assclown. I'm tired of listening to it and seeing it.

But let's not get off topic :)

(Edited by Biohazard at 5:59 pm on Sep. 14, 2010)

Find me a player who is happy with Sindome right now. Seriously, I double dog dare you. That's the point. If SD was functional before the player @note system - I don't think that's the issue here.

suggestion: make some plots

n0 u.

I wasn't trying to say anything was bad due to people not using @notes.
I was suggesting that it helps.

Thank you.

so why the fuck did everybody leave again?  i stopped after i logged in for a few weeks straight to constantly see 2-3 people online at a time
I play somewhat frequently, not as much as I'd like, but I'd say actively.
Yep..  I'm on pretty regularly again myself. Took a little hiatus, but I'm back, and seeing some more people on regularly too.
So on topic I think a lot of this is good, anything forcing people to interact is likely to make people have subsequent RP.Lena