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Plot Process Ideas
Ideas on how to make plot's easier to run.

This is an ideas thread dedicated to the dicussion of ideas that could make plot events easier to plan and perform.

The "Problem":

Executing a plot event, whether of ones own making or part of a larger plot, can require significant co-ordination of both in game and out of game factors. Imagine for example a scenario in which a team of player solos is trying to attack other players in a secure zone topside. The factors involved in this scenario include but are not limited to:

=> Player availability, both friendly and hostile.

=> Staff availability.

=> Availability of in game resources.

=> Whether or not your IC crew rolls hard enough to risk that kinda drek ;)

Lining all these variables up is a tricky process for the person(s) doing it and it creates slim windows of opportunity. This can be made more difficult by fragmented OOC tools to plan with. Difficulty navigating the system can result in mis-communications, delaying or cancelling potentially exciting plot events. Presently the resources available are:

=> @Notes

=> @puppet-request

=> Xhelp

=> The Player Plot Suggestions form.

I'm not trying to knock the current tools. They're workable with some skill and I really admire those who can do it consistently. It would however be nice to find ways to streamline the process so more plot can happen and we have more stories for us all to enjoy.

Two ideas to make plotting easier:

Expanding the puppet request system

=> Presently this system only works if you can speak to the relavent NPC(s) in advance, which isn't usually the case if your interaction is going to be hostile.

++> The present alternative is Xhelp, but the opportunity you were hoping to take may pass by the time a GM is available. This links into "Scheduling times for plot events".

=> If it were possible to link @notes relevant to the puppet-request it would give GMs more context when they respond.

Scheduling times for a plot event

=> This would greatly simplify the process of rounding up Players and GMs for the event.

=> This could be combined into the expanded puppet-request system.

This is a long way from an exhaustive list of ideas to make plotting easier, but it's what I could come up with in a timely fashion whilst the inspiration was there.

I'd like to re-iterate that I'm not knocking the current tools, they work. There is always room to improve though and I would love to hear everyone's opinions on how that could happen, hence I've started this discussion.

My apologies for the poor formatting on this.
It strikes me that being able to use @puppet-request to request some sort of hostile target against an NPC would help with some sorts of proactive scheduling, maybe.

It's still really an individual, 1-on-1 thing though. I've noticed this as an issue with @puppet-request generally; a few times a group has wanted to have a meeting with an NPC, and there haven't been good tools for that.

Maybe some kind of @schedule-request command? You @schedule-request something, and then in the prompts you can add other PCs as well as NPCs in, and some magic code makes it so that it only displays to GMs or something when all the PCs are online?