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For hidden exits too

So, we already have the pointout command, but it only works on hidden people. It would be nice if you could use it on hidden exits, too.

Just let the person know?

A person following you will go into the hidden area already and can go again or go to it if directed (I have found). Of course, maybe you mean something else?

It's called

.point out

That doesn't make it possible to look towards that exit if it's still hidden, to see who is standing there un-hidden. But you already knew that.

That's just it. Just because you know there's a hidden door doesn't mean you're able to see it / know how it is hidden. That would be a character's perception ability.

Just because you know an entrance is behind a toilet doesn't mean that you as a character can see how it's set up and hidden. Example: I know (in RL) that Las Vegas has, inside the Commonwealth, a Prohibition-era speakeasy style private room called The Laundry Room. This is a hidden room. Even if you knew where it was, doesn't mean you'd see the way it is hidden. This goes for many speakeasies as well as bars that are behind soda machines.

That is where being able to perceive things come in. That way in passing, you'll notice something doesn't quite mesh with the surrounding area (like the soda machine isn't making nose as a refrigeration unit should).

So, I guess the solution, if you want to be able to easily see the door/entrance yourself, would be to work on those peepers and skill on spotting things.