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Portable Drinks
Let me flask you a question.

Drinking! It's a fun passtime. However, attempting to Stash a drink on yourself, predictably, just leads to you spilling your beverage all over yourself. But what about those of us who like drinking in places that aren't bars?

That's why we could do with items like flasks, or perhaps thermoses. Get a drink, Pour [Drink] into [Container,] get an object filled with whatever drink you poured into it you can both drink from and put away without spilling.

Good idea, or greatest idea? Discuss.

There are items available at the appropriate places that act as six packs, canteens, and bottle of liquor. Don't drinks and drive.

There are already portable drinks in game, it is a matter of packaging. Bottles, plastic boxes, etc. The point of drinks at a bar is that you consume them there, so it makes sense that most drinks come in glasses which you are not meant to pocket.

A flask doesn't seem like a bad idea, but would be otherwise of low priority and mostly for flavor. You can perfectly just emote little items like that that aren't in game without the need for them to exist mechanically in the code.