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Portable Medical Bags
Is there a Doctor in the house?

I was thinking it would be interesting to have a Medical bag for Doctors (or those wanna-be Doctors) that would basically be like what a 'real' Doctor might carry in their bag. So, the real life application would be a bag that carries all their 'tools', similar to how a ZMI medkit is like a portable resuscitator and kit for medical supplies.

So, the Medbag would 'hold' such tools as a MedRite reusable syringe, a PocketDoc blood analyzer, a PocketDoc chemical analyzer or other such tools that would be portable. Perhaps even have the ability to 'check stats' and evaluate for PDS? Or, even be able to treat infections/diseases if the proper medications have been 'stored' in the Medbag.

Where the Medkit requires a battery and re-stocking with medpaks, the Medbag would also require a battery and would need to be re-stocked with vials and, maybe even medicines? Not sure how complicated that would be?

Kind of complicated as all of those items have different functionality and parentage. What is this direct benefit of this aside from not having multiple items?
As far as benefits, I would see it as being awesome for RP, as well as requiring profeciency in multiple skills; it would definitley be a driving factor or a goal in pursuing medical. Also, it would be just plain cool as hell. It would make medical professionals look even more elite, at a higher level for sure.
Also, it would be a way for qualified characters to advance a story line by being a crucial role in things like Ebola outbreaks. Imagine an outbreak, a person from a certain clinic rolls in and triages and treats a few patients, they run out of supplies, riots ensue, or they get everyone treated and now they're a Mix hero, or a corporate tool saving anyone rich enough to be able to afford it. Creates competition in game between clinics.
You can carry all the stuff now for the most part. The only stuff that isn't mobile can be hooked up to an ambulance. I think this isn't needed. The way medical equipment is separated and tiered into on-site vs mobile facilities is solidly thought out. Also, out of all skills - medical probably needs the least love outside of combat.
Honestly. Probably to make it beneficial to having one item that does that versus having multiple items. It could be a sign of elitism, much like having the medkit is - given it would be expensive as hell, I'd imagine. And, it just seemed a bit realistic since there isn't a way to 'carry' all these items in one container without having to lug around a bunch of independent items in my inventory. Though, I see your point that it might be functionally difficult for the game.

As for the ambulance, I agree Reefer. However, at least topside (to the best of my knowledge), Doctors don't have access to the Ambulances, only Medics. Not sure how that works in Red. And, I could be incorrect in that statement so don't judge if I am. :)

Topside you have ambulances, or you have a personal vehicle without the benefits of certain tools. I like that dynamic, however, it would open up a class of Combat Medic or Disaster Response to have something like that doctor bag. Maybe the ZMI is the answer, though. I guess the real question is, 'is it beneficial enough to justify coding and time'.
Many of the procedures that this item would theoretically allow you to do (blood draws, analysis etc) probably shouldn't be done in the field anyway, so I don't know if I see the value in this.

Remaining competitive during a dangerous outbreak (to me anyway) is all about keeping the medicine cabinet stocked at the hospital/clinic. If you want to pop outside of the clinic and inject someone with a live-saving medicine, there is already a singular item you can carry assuming you know what you're treating.