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Posing with the I command

I think it would be nice if the I command (for inventory) could accept an arbitrary string of text, and whenever any arguments are provided, the text would simply be forwarded to the command that deals with poses.

This would make it easier for people like me who are not used to emoting in first person, since it would allow you to start the emote by using the letter I, and in that way you'd basically initiate the emote command with a nice little reminder to yourself that this way of emoting is not done in third person.

E.g. you could type: I .smile happily at Someone and .exclaim brightly, "Sure!"

Maybe it could even allow for emotes where you'd prefer to have an adverb before the first verb, something like: I gently .tug on Someone's sleeve and .say, "Let's go."

If you just type the letter I (without any arguments), it would still work as the good old INVENTORY command.

I'm proposing this idea as an addition to the already existing methods of emoting, not as a substitution. I don't think this would create much of a problem for people who wouldn't want to use it, but it would definitely help people like me who aren't used to the first person perspective when posing.

Thanks for reading!

At the start of the sentence, you leave out the word "I" when you pose.


.goe to Sallyworth and .wave as I .approache.

You goe to Sallyworth and wave as you approache.

others see:

thecraftydragon goes to Sallyworth and waves as she approaches.

(help pose)

Maybe I'm not understanding your request? sorry.