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Prevent empty sic messages
Because we all typo, and it's annoying

As simple as the topic, it's a common typo to put in "cm" or "cep" without a message, happens, and right now that produces an empty message that is sent to everyone. Can we just remove it, and require for some message to be put in before sending it over?
I think it's adorable whenever it happens. Also, there have been reasons I've seen for folks sending blank messages.

But that's just me. I could go either way on it.

I get that this could be used as codeword etc, but then how harder will it be to do cm a instead of just cm? And cuts on spam.
When you're being murdered, sending a blank message is better than getting no message out at all.
You can't send empty thoughts. An empty cm would be the absence of a cm. This is not possible any longer.
Thank you!
Neat! 😅
You can still do this with TO, SAY, etc. Are those intentional?
Sounds like a different topic thread to me :) Would like to hear other peoples thoughts on it.