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Preventing certain words in player desc
Forced judgments aren't cool!

Hi! Much like the checks on the tailoring system, what about a limiting check that prevents people from writing metagaming descriptions? Describing oneself as "beautiful", "handsome", etc, shouldn't that be left up to charisma and other players interpretations of what is considered attractive?

I'm sorry if this topic is annoying to some, just thought of this as a preventative measure. Thanks for looking!

Well, those with enough charisma should be able to describes themselves as attractive if they're well, codedly attractive, no?

Sure, you could stop the words on those with lower charisma, but I feel like the player population polices it well enough. I always let people know if I consider them to be metagaming.

The problem is, I still see it around. I even saw someone with a desc that said something like "you can't help but notice how beautiful they are" or something like that. That sort of thing, really isn't fair.

Politely tell the player to adjust their desc, or xhelp to staff if it's warranted.

I would not mind this, as a new charecter understanding where you stand attractiveness wise would be nice.

You can see your attractiveness via your charisma stat and your short description when you look at yourself.

Community policing this is the best way to allow for as much freedom as possible.

I will look into ways we might warn people they are being meta. Maybe something will come of it.