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what they need

Voicemail. they need voicemail. and memory. my 60$ nokia candybar had voicemail and memory. a 1200$ progia-9 should. oh, and txt msging! yeah.

I can see voice mail. But, what if someone's phone is stolen and then your message that has some information you don't want out in the open is in the hands of whoever? I don't think voicemail would be used very much, personally. That's what the grid is for.

On the grid... any word of when it will be fixed?

lol... yeah. grid. pshh...

well, i's just thinkin that if there was a messaging service, or something, so that when a person is offline and you call their progia, instead of failing, go to voicemail. yes, it is a worry to get your phone stolen. had it happen. but in this world, data is worth something.

-when the military bomb'd zarkowi (dont care if i spelled it wrong) and raided his HQ, they found cell phones and computers, and it helped them to track down more insurgents and terrorists.

-if my cell is gone, that's about 120 peeps whos numbers i dont have anymore.

data is important, and so is letting the johnson you're running for the run is complete.

I could see this happening, but only when a system for paying progia bills comes into play.

Time to do that could be better spent on Cyberware and teh matrix.

It's not a bad idea, but it just isn't important.

ok. that i do understand.

I think I brought this up a while back, and we had all kinds of cool things listed, like silent features and stuff.

But it was denied because some other systems need more loving then others.

A quick search through older posts in the forum will show that, um, most - if not all - of your suggestions have been brought up, discussed, beaten to death, resurrected, beaten down again, brought back up, and finally put on the backburner.


Quote: from Lillith on 5:41 am on June 21, 2006[br]But, what if someone's phone is stolen and then your message that has some information you don't want out in the open is in the hands of whoever?

...welcome to Withmore.)

yeah, because i dont go back and read every old archive, and because there's a total of 8 active people on this board (even though yesterday i saw 14 peeps online) and... nay, AND the people that originally brought it up and beat it to death may not be here, i just had to say that voicemail would be cool.

even without bills.

Quote: from SoulExistence on 12:01 am on June 22, 2006[br]yeah, because i dont go back and read every old archive...

That's why god invented the search function.

In my experience, re-bringing up old ideas gets a lot more love and attention if it's as a comment to an old post on the same (or very similar) topic.
Not only that, but the person bringing up the new/old idea gets to see the old discussion on the topic and gains a little insight into why perhaps that feature is not in place... or maybe gets some more ideas about other things that could be included as well (this is a progia thread, you mentioned voicemail, but I'm surprised nobody's brought up vibrate or individual ringtones again, yet...).

i didnt bother with vibrate and ringtones, cuz that wasnt important to the reason why i posted. i posted about needing voicemail 'cuz my char just finished a job, and the guy who gave it to him went to sleep before he could call in saying its done. if voicemail was avail, he coulda left the message saying its done.

yeah, i should prolly use the search feature, but most forums i've been in when someone responds to an old post, peeps chastize him for not reading the date, so i got used to not reading anything older than 2 months.