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In the utter and complete pandemonium of last night, I had a bit of an idea.

You know how you can guard exits?

I think it'd be interesting to be able to do the same thing to people.

Basically, if you walk into a room with a sleeper, you can kill them/grab them/anything them instantly, whether someone who wants to stop you is there or not. I thought it'd be interesting if there was a way, similar to guard, to 'get in the way', so to speak. Push them away, an opposed skill/stat test between protector and assailant.

Also, it'd be interesting to do this to people who are -awake-, except that, you would basically only be able to try and keep someone else from grabbing them. And, in combat, it'd be as though the other person were using you as a human shield (except, attacking would still be possible). Some hits would get through to the intended victim, others would hit you instead - basically, getting in the line of fire.

That way, protecting someone would actually be possible in a more direct manner.

*Throw's another shovel full of shit onto the pile of shit people want the coders to do*
I like the idea.  Makes sense to be able to do so, and especially in the sleeper aspect.

Allandra, what if you discuss all of the above?

And yeah, it is a good idea.

Say, I once had this wicked idea for something. It was...shit...damn it... you know, ever since they made potted mini-roses, I've been fairly content.


Oi, Sister Act is on TV again...

This, and other very useful things are slated for v1.0 of the new Action system, presently on hold so I can contentrate on the Matrix. (Yes, there really is one!).