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Prune empty e-prints

Empty e-prints are probably messing with the e-print retail availability.

When an e-print runs out of paper, it should be recycled like a consumable instead of being allowed to persist in the game world.

Without this, they wind up going places where they collect and don't get "trash"ed or recycled by players, so, they never go away.

Another thing is that the econ value of an eprint should scale with its fullness. An eprint with zero sheets left should be worth zero chyen in the markets and WCS chutes. This might incent players to trash them instead of funneling them to these "never-touch-again" areas. Nobody's going to buy empty eprints from the market.
This at first seemed like an ic problem - "some asshole's buying up the eprints!" But months later, it just seems silly. I don't know the coding limitations and such, but if this would fix it, I know it'd benefit a lot of people and I think it would benefit our rp.

@luck .flutter my eyelashes.

Item fullness doesn't factor into costs anywhere mechanically, as far as I'm aware.