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Add on to the Police Forces of Withmore city

Hello everyone,

My idea is based mostly on a branch of the Night City police in Cyberpunk 2020, called the NCPD Psycho Squad. There job, in essence, is to take down rogue cyborgs when they go psycho. In the game, there are humanity points, and you loose them as you add more cybernetics to your Body....until you snap essentially. Then the cyborg in question goes crazy, not knowing his world and usually killing a lot of people on a killing spree. The psycho squad is made up of generally crazy, reckless and daring cops who are sent to hunt down and kill or deactivate the psycho in any way they can. They are armed with what they can use, and some of the agents are even old psychos who get a cybernetic or two removed to keep them sane. I think this would be a fun branch of the WJF to add, and would be a bit more lenient on it entrance, as it's nearly a job that will kill you eventually. Seems like a nice way to let mixers join the force, and could add to some nice news segments in the Withmore Globe. They wouldn't have as much gear as the WJF persay, but what they could get and put together (ie delivery van with bullet proof plating, and as many blades, guns and bombs as they could carry). They would be regarded as slightly crazy but necessary to the force.

I'd like to know what y'all think on this subject

Thank you


This does already kinda happen in game. There is PDS, which is short for Psychological Dissociative Syndrome, I believe. In essence, the more cyberware one gets, the less they tend to empathize with the flesh bag humans. And, yes, they have been none to snap and rack up some pretty serious body counts.

Now, there's wing of the WJF for specifically taking care of them, however, the WJF will put out bounties on particularly troublesome individuals, whether they are cyborgs or not. Nothing would stop a player from making their own group of merc types along this line, hunting down really dangerous cyborgs and other criminals for these bounties, which can get pretty damn substantial at times.

Yea, the PDS update got me thinking about that. Just would be cool for it to kinda be regulated in some way. But maybe I'll start in ig group for that purpose. Who knows.....but either way, it would be nice to have some sort of Pyscho squad
Don't get me wrong, I love the idea.

It just seems to me, what is the point of it being apart of the WJF if they don't get all the cool toys that the Jakes have? Enforcers, tactical armor, those scanny thingies. Yes, there's having the support of the ops team in tracking people, which is always nice.

We have private security corps in game, including ones that were started by players. Even TERRA was originally started by a player, if memory serves. When you get right down to it, even the WJF is just another corporation funded by the fines they give out and, presumably, contributions from other corps. They've been tasked with enforcing the laws set by the Corporate Council and given the right to carry all their sweet gear, etc...

A private security team could start with goal of specifically hunting down rogue cyborgs, either taking bounties or getting contracts from other corps for support. You can get firearm liscences in game, if you can give a good enough reason.

I like the idea of the members of the team either being ex-psychos, trying to clear their name, or getting mods to help them stand up against the borgs they hunt. What happens when a member of the team goes to far with his chroming and goes off the deep end. He finds himself hunted by his former coworkers, but do they attempt to bring him in and get him help or put him down like the dangerous animal he is.

There's lots of fun rp that could be generated by something like this.

Well, gonna find a way to start that. Admins, if you see this, I'll be in contact soonish.