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Public Phones
I've had this idea for a while...

Gold has a few of those high-tech phones... but Red should have public payphones, just simply phones anyone can really use.

They should all be covered in graffiti... and maybe 1 in 4 phones on Red should actually work. Heh.

That's not a bad idea.  Maybe one in each major intersection?  Or perhaps inside or just outside major establishments (Carnal, Drome, Oriface, etc.)

Considering the present day trend in the exact opposite direction and the fact that the SIC has communication capabilities, this makes absolutely no sense to me.

Think 2088, not 1988.

Good point, your lucky to find a payphone in an entire city -today- let alone 84 years from now.  

no way,that's a great idea espically on red.  

I've had the privlage to go to korea a country in which everyone from 8 year old kids to 90 year old grandparents has a cell phone, and they work,really work well, absolutely everywhere. and there they have huge blocks of 3-5-10 payphones on every corner of almost every street, espically in big cities where people are talking to eachother all the time, and espically on red where sic reception sucks, payphones will never die.    maybe you should even auctially even charge a modet fee, 50 chyen or less, to make a call, unlike the ones on gold.

Payphones WILL die on RED because the gangers will break/steal them all and NLM/the phone company won't see the point in pouring assloads of money into replacing them.

In fact, I think Johnny should add an entry into the timeline, round 2082 maybe, whereas the phone company decides to stop replacing broken payphones on Red due to the danger and the fact that it's a damn money pit.

Then have the builders desc a few broken payphones/empty phone booths around Red and voila.

Payphones in SD - realistically.

Why would they put 'pay per use devices' on a level where no one has money to spare?

Who would risk life and limb collecting a few measly chyen from these devices when they can sell cellphones from the saftey of a mall?

Why would someone pay 50 chyen to make a phone call when they can do it on the SIC for free, or borrow someone elses cell phone, or pick one up at the market for the cost of 4 phone calls?

To quote John Madden on the Simpons, "Now that doesn't make a lick of sense!".

The costs of manufacturing these big bulky things, installing them, maintaining them, and collecting from their coffers would greatly outweigh any potential profit margins, no matter how you structure the costs. Especially when cellphones are A LOT cheaper to make, require no new infrastructire, and no maintaince costs. Technology is so cheap it's -=disposable=-. Business models have evolved to suit that trend; this is just another example.


one quick thought on this subject... if payphones would get trashed on red, then by the same token cameras would definately be the number one target of vandalism on red. right or wrong? what do you think?

Right. No question about it.

Tis why they're concealed!


*rapes the camera in front of TERRA HQ*

Maybe the idea formulated here will happen, maybe not.

Maybe the names will be changed to protect the guilty, maybe not.

To paraphrase a great Robin Williams comedy bit ..
Step into my mind for a moment and watch what happens as a GM formulates an idea ...

Jinkorei reads the BgBB, watches the Moo and daydreams ...

. o O (Hehe Ike .. yeah, that was 'damn' funny.)
. o O (Rapes the camera .. oh if these cameras could talk ..)
. o O (Well one did, HA!)
. o O (Wouldn't it be a funny if more people could see that kind of stuff .. heh, a Withmore's Candid Camera, but with no one as a setup man ...)
. o O (New tv show ...)
. o O (New corpie job for a host ...)
. o O (But what to call it ...)
. o O (WDC? �No, too many acronyms already ...)
. o O (Stylish ...)
. o O (Edgy ...)
. o O (Controversial ...)
. o O (In your face ...)
. o O (Withmore's Dumbest Criminals? No, to close to current ..)
. o O (Fuck-ups are us? �Nah, cheezy ...)
. o O (What was I Thinking? �Hmm, been done I think.)
. o O (I Shouldn't Be Allowed To Reproduce? �Kinda long, but possible...)
. o O (Stupidz? ... meh .. that's bad)
. o O (Ok, name later .. but who to host?)
. o O (Do we turn the MirandaWu show into this?)
. o O (She'd die alot, does she have the chyen for that many clones? ...)
. o O (Does it really matter? ...)
. o O (Hmmm, clone insurance for dangerous corporate jobs?)
. o O (Expensable? ...)
. o O (*mental wandering regarding clones for corpies, images, thoughts and concepts flashing quickly through, almost too fast to comprehend*)
Jinkorei looks around and realizes ten minutes has gone by and six new e-mails have arrived in his work mailbox.
. o O (Erm ...)
. o O (Could a mixer be -discovered- ? Hmmm ...)
. o O (How about the half and halfs ...)
. o O (Who needs some GM love ...)
. o O (Who was just mentioning the lack of GM plots? ...)
. o O (Hmm .. who could it be ...)
. o O (Edited for bad 80's music interlude)
. o O (Ugh .. where the hell did -that- come from?)
. o O (Ok, let's look another way .. )
. o O (Theme .. CP .. dark .. depressing .. )
. o O (Another e-mail from the boss .. great .. more meaningless work for an ungrateful ...)
Jinkorie wanders off to work the job for a while
*some time later*
. o O (Ok, now where was I? �Oh yeah, show hosts, theme ..)
. o O (Oh! �There could be guest appearance by those banished ...)
. o O (Maybe even people comming out of cryo ...)
. o O (Gangers? ...)
. o O (No .. irony! ..)
. o O (Who would be the most ironic host?)
. o O (Ike!)
. o O (Nah, NLM would never do the show from there .. too many logistical problems ..)
. o O (Lance?)
. o O (Gerik?)
. o O (Oh, no irony, but Moss would have made a -great- host, sarcasm, humor, pointed commentary .. what was it? �Heh, fucktard ... *sigh*)
. o O (That's it!)
. o O (That's the title!)
. o O (*announcer's excited voice* NLM is proud to present tonights installment of Fucktards! �Whithmore's Dumbest Citizens! �Tonight's show is sponsored by ZMI *runs off to check the wording on something* �... damn small ssh client buffers ...)
. o O ( *still in the announcer's voice* Tonight's show is sponsored by Saedor Krupp, if it fails in your face, you get it replaced free, and by the Withmore Justice Force who remind all Citizens to -Obey The Law- because if you don't, you could end up on Fucktards! �Withmore's Dumbest Citizens!)
. o O (Not bad .. public humiliation has long been used as both a punishment and a deterrent ..)
. o O (Cameras might have to get moved around or smart people would catch on ..)
. o O (We could make it an NPC host! ..)
Jinkorei coughs slightly
. o O (Ok, so show concept, title, no host ...)
. o O (Another item for the GMList(tm))
. o O (*sigh*)
. o O (Ok, now what was I -supposed- to be working on today? ...)

This mental interlude brought to you by the letter I (for insanity) , the number 66,201,994 (Withmore's population at this exact moment) and the day of the week, Friday, because friday is pirate day and pirates say 'yar'.

*gasp!*  A pirate!  *brandishes his katana*  DIE, HELLSPAWN!  FOR I HAVE -REAL ULTIMATE POWER-!!!  *attacks*