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Well guys carry wallets

Just an idea like to see purses in the game. i mean i play a chick and when i wear a dress i tend to wonder where the hell i just pulled a wallet from.  Purses would be cool...they'd be like small boxes that can be worn (over the shoulder) and you can keep things inside.  I know crap about code so i dont know how hard something like this would be but i still had to give it a shot

Shouldnt be too hard...Make it a copy of a wallet, rename it, an make it wearable...But then again...A purse dosnt carry just money...It would need to be a copy of one of those old crates that were in game...An...*rambles on and slowly walks off into a dark corner*

shouldn't you wonder where the hell you keep your big ass enforcer?

*laughs*  Yeah if i didnt keep it in the holster.  But a Purse could be able to carry smaller firearms, knives,Quickterms, and a host of other stuff.  

Wearable containers.

Recently discussed.


I'm going to delete this post soon because it's a repeat. Could you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read over the other 5,000 posts and find a suitable thread that fits the topic you want to discuss?

This has been talked about tons and tons. I'm in the process of cleaning out old threads of things that are implemented.

The topic of purses could easily have been put into the wallet topic, or into a similar topic about containers cuz I'm sure there is one.

I'm not scolding, just asking you guys to be a bit more organized :P

Or on the other hand; if there was a list somewhere of current projects (or multiple lists of "in the works" "pending" and "possibly"), this sorta thing wouldn't happen :)

Or if you guys read through the posts. What's the point of having this here if you don't read back through the discussions that've taken place over the months??

And what if we posted a list of projects in the works? Then there'd be 10 posts after it, it'd get moved to the second page and you wouldn't ever look at it again. Then someone would come to the boards and post the same questions because they didn't read through the boards.

*frustrated with other things at the moment*

Um..Maybe you could make a window pop up when ever someone visits the site or the message board with the project list..Just an idea...

Or instead of posting over and over again you could just lock the topic and edit the post when things are taken off or put on.

I'll give you a choice.

I'll add support for either a seperate projects page that the staff can update or I'll add support for 'sticky' discussion threads that can stick at the top of the list.

You guys pick.

Sticky threads tend to get a little annoying, so I vote for a project list :)

Edit: wait, changed my mind, sticky threads might work better for this, and they could be put to other use (though I would like it if it didn't -say- sticky like on other forums :) )

(Edited by Jadael at 3:03 pm on Feb. 20, 2002)

Both sound good; which ever is easyer for you.

If it's going to be a project list, created so that people can read it without being bogged down with lots of posts. Cuz I'm assuming that's why people aren't reading the BGBB fully now is because it's too many posts.

Either way even if there's a project list and someone has a comment, they -need- to find the right place to post the comment or else the problem isn't solved.

I'm all for a big ass project list on which we can include -everything- we're working on or even just thinking about with some very simple notes to let the players know where it stands.

Project, who is working on it (if anyone) and it's current status. The forums could still be used to discuss the projects tho.

That said, sprawl is inevitable on a forum the size of this. I know it's untidy but it's also Sindome's own little time machine in a way. Sometimes I -like- to look back on those ancient threads and remember what was going on and how the game was different back then... I've tried to clean these boards up before but I simply find it too difficult to delete any decent thread no matter how outdated it is, unless it is a completely useless (then and now) thread.


Ok, I'm going with the project list:

Each entry in the project list will include:
brief title
short summary that gives you the jist of the project
project status (concept / coding / released - buggy / released)

Any staff member will be able to edit/delete any project and the projects will be able to link to a forum thread so players can discuss the project. This way, we get the concise format of a list with the communication of the forum.

Coming soon to a website near you.