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Push/Press equivalency

It may be just me, but I find the fact that for some things we use Push, and for others Press very confusing and inconsistent, and I usually just keep on guessing and retrying which one is it for this kiosk, or that door etc. Would it be possible to make those synonyms on the code side of things?
Sadly there are coded reasons they are different that are a bit difficult to explain but have to do with feature objects and the order in which objects are parsed by verbs.
Same for store x in locker and put x in cabinet?
The order is something like:

Verbs on you

Verbs on objects on you

Verbs on features you have

Verbs on rooms

You cannot target a 'room' the way you can target 'second briefcase'.

Thus, an example: if the verb was the same on briefcases and rooms, and you had a briefcase on you, you'd never be able to put that briefcase in a locker because it would always find the verb on the briefcase first.

I see, ah well, a shame, and will just have to keep cursing at the screen.
Had always been wondering that. Learn something new. 😁
The ones that bug me the most are the suggestions that use different prepositions.

> tease 99th medkit on 99th photo of 99th Slither in 99th briefcase on 99th shelf.

And it says:

Did you mean tease 99th medkit on 99th photo of 99th Slither in 99th briefcase from 99th shelf.


Like, of course I did! You know what I meant; there's no reason "on" or "from" could be misinterpreted as "in the only possible mechanical relation to the thing"

Now since I'm on mobile and forgot to copy/paste it, I have to type the whole thing out again. Bleh.