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Put onesies on bottom clothing layer
Layering suggestion

Hello, this is a suggestion for the onesie clothing articles. They're full-body suits, but if they're skintight then it could be possible to layer other clothing on top of them (flowy clothing articles, vests, jackets, etc). Right now this isn't the case, and even a tunic sort of item will not fit on top of it.

Is the onesie meant to be the final, top layer of clothing? If so, please disregard my request. Thank you!

Armoured items are designed to only allow other armour on top. Generally, layers work in order of thickness, with thickest on outside. In this way, you can't hide armour beneath plain clothes.

Because if this, armoured onesies can only be the base layer for armour configs.

I don't know about armored suits, but with the description for the EcoGear speaking of how thin it is, it seems odd that it is worn over clothing. My impression was that it was an under-layer article.

EcoGear is armour.

Actually, I tested this with some pants and it turns out the onesie wants me to wear them *under* the pants! It doesn't seem to want to be a final layer in some instances.

It could very well be to due materials used. Thickness is a major factor in layering.

Tailored clothing can layer over armor based on its name. Tailored jackets and coats will work just fine over even the heaviest gear.

You can also stack armor this way to a reasonable extent. There are some really interesting combinations available and a lot of common, easily accessible armor items no one really uses.