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Raise Glasses
The bane of biometrics in the 22nd Century

So this is more quality of life than anything else and may be more trouble to code than its worth but quite a few security devices rely on biometric eye scanning it seems.

Given the changes with needing a free hand to remove items and all the new inventory shuffling that goes around with that - it'd be nice if we had an option to raise or lift our eyewear temporarily in order to use biometric scanners - or even just for RP effect. Something that maybe changes the coverage from eyes and temples to just temples temporarily?

Again not sure if the use case is prevalent enough to justify the time but just an idea!

I love this idea! It'd add a lot of thematic charm to a character, and ease spam near biometrics.
Saw a similar discussion to this one, about being able to temporarily lower one's hood from a disguise, I think.

I don't know if it's a practical feature to add, but having clothes with dynamic coverage would be cool.

I like that the code forces people to remove disguises, sunglasses, and put down objects at times. It create opportunities for people to be spied on and things to be stolen. This is good.
Agree. Doors like this are basically impenetrable force fields in most cases (please do not jump in with a gotcha about ways they can be circumvented) and this extra step gives them both flavor and a minor weakness.