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Random slang definititions.
Beyond the @who

I noticed that pulling up @who gave you a random slang word and definition when you used it, and found myself wanting to @who more to get more words. However, I figured requesting a list of onlines over and over was a bad thing so my idea is to make @slang on its own display a random slang word and definition from the same list used by the @who command.

Oh, and yes there's a list on the boards but the ones coming up in @who seem more awesome and such.

This is the post I found. Seemed pretty good.

I added a verb awhile ago that would allow everyone to check words for their cyberpunk counterpart -- @slang


@slang hey

@slang idiot

@slang corpse

@slang gun

@slang fool

@slang money

I have UPDATED this verb so that you can now just type '@slang' without a word and it will give you a random slang word!