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Random Thoughts

When you get cloned, or whenever you update, if you're all bruised up, you should come out of the Vats...bruised up.

And if you poke a corpses eye out, then drag him up to the vats right quick and have him redone or whatever, they should be blind. :-D

Decapatation. That would be totally sweet.
Same with Cyberware stuff.  The cyber list on the website looks sweet.

I still say there should be a Gym somwhere in the Dome.

And molotov cocktails. Yes. Molotovs.

To the best of my knowledge, decapitation and limb-loss is on the big list of things that will get added at somepoint.

The whole blinding thing is fine, but, I'd hate to see something like that added, without the means to have new eyes, so, basically, I'd wait for cyberoptics before worrying about that kinda thing.

I agree about the Gym thing, but, hell, do it ICly, if you speak to the right people, do it the right way, nothing to say you couldn't create that.

Dunno about moltov cocktails..could be fun, but not if they could be used for torching buildings. Like it or not, since we can't all be online all the time, anything that effects sleeping characters is, in my opinion, a bad thing for the game.

I know I've said this before, but, we have cigarettes, god damn it, can't we have cigars, too? :)

As for coming out of the clone tank injured if you were when you went in, no, I disagree. Technically, I believe all characters should lose all scars and all tattoos when they leave a vat, since, they're being reborn, and the clone is a fresh you, grown from your dna, which hasn't seen the hardships that scarred and injured you.

but arent clones DNA?? so bruises would have nothing to do with it, nor would recloning somebody at the vats.. cuase its using their DNA!  and when they get  recloned they get disengerated. cuase ya put someone in clothes and all and they come out STARK NAKED!

Now then..   the tatts.. they're "special" ink that doesn't get wiped. theres a name for It ICly, but yes it stays.  however scars.. should go. and... blinding.. wouldn't happen. becuase the clonee gets turned into a pile of mush when put in the recomb tank. then put back to gethor from DNA. its JUST LIKE CLONE DEATH. only someone spends 10g's to have it done so you dont forget EVERYTHING that just happened

now then molotavs would be F*ing sweet, if they could only burn people. buildings would be bad due to the sleeper issue. unless it was like some big terrorist thing in which it would be IC for sleepers to be killed.

Ninja Goat bob lights his molotav cocktail and tosses it toward street fighting emu sam.
Emu sam tries to get out of the way but can't move fast enough as he instantly catches on fire.
Emu sam runs into the black Drome screaming for help
Rychek looks over and tosses the first beverage he can get to on Emu  sam.
Emu sam cries in agony as the flames go higher due to the depthcharge just rhown on him.

I can see it now!

Heh, I forgot that little detail about the vats....

I would also love to see silencers.

With moltov cocktails should come a verb in the bath rooms:  dunk head in toilet
It'd make for hours of rp fun.

I doubt Molotov cocktails will -ever- be able to burn down buildings.  Can you guess how many buildings there would ICly be, if there was something that could striaght up burn them down?  

I know I've said this before, but, we have cigarettes, god damn it, can't we have cigars, too? - KingFu

Now that I've recoded cigarettes, yes, you can have cigars. Someone is working on them.

And you have 3 brands of cigarettes, a sort of 'Always have been', but just finished up today. No more will you be smoking a 180 year old brand :)


What about pipe smoking?

Naaa, just kidding.

Mmmm, crack pipes.


On the clone thing, if you smell like shit when you update, or maybe its just when you die.. you come out smelling like shit.  That could be the cloning though..

Only if it's BO... Otherwise it's not carried in your DNA.

It be nice to get like a home phone. For like apartments and shit, maybe the cubes on Gold.

It be cool to get a brick as a new weapon. Hehe.

Oh, anda, I believe I read this somewhere, but there should be like a book format or however you make those evil things on the E-note's.

I think that there should be like a flask or something and a feature to buy a bottle of liquor to fill it. Or a feature to get a bartender to fill it for a certain price.

umm, there is a flask. yup.

I understand the desire for realism regarding cloning, but if they're gonna create another version of you wouldn't they design it so you come out clean.

well...if you are genetically ugly or genetically have a 'funky odour' then it would clone through.

ie: If your charisma sucks ass, it ain't Geneteks fault that you clone smelling like ass.

aha!...I feel dumb... *runs off*