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Recording phone conversations
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Tash

It would be gosh darn spiffy if you could record conversations on your mobile phone. Then you could use it as evidence to incriminate someone, or to blackmail someone. To spy on your low down cheating partner. All the good stuff. Heck, you could even try and bring down the Chief of the WJF by talking on the phone with his floozy about her dry cleaning and taking it to the press later.

You can always use parrots. But only in person.

Sounds cool to me - but you couldn't bring down the chief of the WJF with that, check it out:

Corporates are the council. The council is responsible for the WJF and owns it. The media is corporation-controlled and in extensis council-controlled. So this could only work if the corps WANTED it to. And besides, Johnny said in another post that marriage was non-existent (at least in legal form) in Withmore, so the WJF chief, as well as anyone else, can go out and have sex with whoever they want. Nobody's ever lost their job because of cheating on their girlfriend (non-legally binding relationships are pretty damn subjective, when you think about it) - and it's even less likely to happen in the somewhat less moral environment of 2087.

But recording devices of a non-avian nature would be spiff-o-riffic.

Correction, no-one 'owns' the WJF or the WHJ, instead, the government of Withmore is a council made up of representatives from each of the main corporations and powerful groups in the dome. Think of the WJF/WHJ/council as something like the UN (United Nations) and each of the corporations like one of the UNs member nations. If -any- of the corps want something officially done, their representative has to bring a proposal to the council where it is voted on...

Anyhow, I've gotta rush out the door into the snow and bitter cold, I'll post more on this later.

Um...yes what he said and yes that'll be continued in another post *ahem*

The actual reason for this post, phone bugging.

Eventually there will be ways to intercept cellular transmissions (cell phones), radio transmissions (Pac-west Freqman/etc...), SIC transmissions (Matrix hacking) all that good stuff. Heh, it may even be possible someday to listen into the next room with high freq listening devices. I'm sure along with all these there will be a way to hard-copy the info, or store it in some way.

What else *thinks*...

Yes you could use it to blackmail someone...
Yes you could write up a story and post it on the NLM QuickTerms...
Yes you could take it to a Judge and rat on someone...
Yes you could talk to people's floozies about laundry (but really you wanna know what's been in their drawers??)

thanks for paying attention!! *WAVES*

Would definitely be cool if WJF-Ops and maybe one or two low-life NPCs (one corporate - NLM? one mixer - Radio Shack?) could be the go-to for getting up to speed in a plot and doing monitoring.

Especially since bugs and tracer dots don't work.

Think of all the fun you'd have making up code words and sign systems to get around the monitoring! Make everyone more paranoid. Maybe even make you use encrypted SIC channels *gasp*!!!!

Jebus, Lena. Are you trying to flood this place with your posts?

Anyway, this kind of makes me wonder why the most advanced type of a mobile phone is... one that comes equipped with text messaging. Seems kinda odd when in the present day every phone comes equipped a camera and internet access.

Well I can't log in right now due to being at work, so yes, I'm trying to vigorously rub down the entire BgBB and breathe life into its cold dead body.

And was Murph being serious about the parrot thing? I am now curious as to whether the Polly Parrot things actually have a purpose IC...

The crude tech of mobile phones compared to what we have today is probably just a product of the era when they were created. I imagine they haven't changed that much since they were first coded... in the late 90's. Scary that, huh? :)

Are there Polly Parrots still kicking around in game? They were just a fun toy, there's a way to turn them on and off (possibly "shake" or "squeeze", honestly can't remember). When they're on they record everything that's said around them (should record your location while you're carrying it) and at random intervals they repeat a random phrase they've recorded.

They have a limited memory, when that's reached each new phrase bumps off the oldest one. Anything they record is anonymous.

Much fun to be had hiding them in locations or planting them on people. I think most of them got trashed or turned off after the initial "fun". Really not much use as a bugging device to be honest, but they have code (possibly not great, it was a quickly hashed together trinket) that handles recording while hidden or carried, etc, so they could be adapted for bugging.

Funny story... last time I checked there was a Polly Parrot stashed away OOC that had a 10 year old recording of an intimate IC conversation between two prominent oldbies. I doubt many people would be able to identify them from the recording without knowing of events from back then, but still, made me chuckle. I doubt they ever even realised it was recorded.
If you know the right people and have te riht tools, GM assistance can definitly yield bugged phone lines.

I know of IC situations where the WJF has swarmed businesses and opened investigations on people becuase they openly talked about selling guns and grenades over the phone.

Jussss sayin.

It'd just be really nice if such things could be done sans GM intervention...since most calls are logged somewhere...a way to cross reference them in some kind of grid accessible database would be pretty sweet.