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Remove 'did you mean X username'

Right now there's this current meta to use xto a, then xto b, then xto c etc etc to see a list of usernames in a channel.

I'd like it if the channel, when you do xto b instead of saying 'did you mean Bob or Bucky' to say 'there's more than one user with that name, please input their full name' instead to avoid people using it to just see a list of people on chat channels.

big agree. right now, it's being used to bypass people who set @invis on @who, and it's not a good thing for people to be doing
Bumping because people are still using this to scan for who is in chat and get around the @invis option

There's a few bad examples who will 'to X' with a blank message to see if they're there, including players and GMs.

I'd certainly appreciate either a crackdown on people doing this or some code in place to remove the ability.

This really needs to be fixed, yes.
Agree. It's weird.
Resolved. See Game Improvements post for more info.