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Remove All Clothing
Like Freehands but to get naked

I feel this would potentially be a relatively easy to implement thing that would speed up a lot in changing outfits, especially for those whose characters have a uniform, or a specific outfit they wear when at work. Yes I know it can be macro'd but that macro isn't adaptable to the outfit you are wearing, and this would eliminate the need for having two or more macro's dedicated to clothing and allow more flexibility.
Yes, puh-lease.
Giggity +1
Remove all exists, but it's kinda hampered when clothing overlap exists in an outfit. Then you get error messages.
remove all just removes my boots for some reason right now Supermarket. Zero overlap on the outfit.
Oh! ...okay yeah that's weird.
Yeah remove all exists, but is uber prone to bitch fits. Though with this topic coming up, it could probably be reviewed when the chance comes up. Quality of life and all