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Removing items from recipe lists
Because OCD?

I mentioned this during the code discussion in Town Hall and Slither asked me to post, so this is that post.

Chef's islands. Super duper cool. The nitpick is that the list of recipes appears to remain indefinitely attached to the island. Even if you restock the kitchen, or uninstall it and take it somewhere else. So over time a chefs island could hypothetically end up with hundreds of things on it's list, especially if you sold one to someone else and it traveled around a bit.

Plus. If you say, create a ham sandwich, then later improve at skills that you use for cooking and want to improve it... or maybe you are playing a cook of some kind and you get tasked with preparing that ham sandwich in a particular way, etc etc .. you cannot re-invent or overwrite the original 'ham' sandwich. You have to assign it a different name like 'tasty ham' sandwich. So you could also end up with multiple iterations of a single item when you only need one in all seriousness.

Even if the island just never saved recipes at all, so you couldn't 'cook' without being capable of passing the check required to make the initial item, forcing you to repeat the work if you want a fancy ham sandwich so bad.

It's not a big deal obviously, I just have OCD nightmares about stumbling on a years old chefs island with thirty seven pages of scrolling recipes..

I am one hundred percent on board with this. Also being able to clear recipes from other players who were using your island would be nice, because otherwise you have an island covered in ingredients you can't get rid of at all, especially if that character perms.
The recipes aren't attached to the islands, they're attached to you. I'll associate it with intelligence and let you remember a number of them?
Oohhh, in that case, that sounds like a really good solution for sure.