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Requisitions Enhancement
Let us bakas see what we requested!

Firstly: A heard-learned ProTip™, always leave yourself a self @note for what you requested and the amount, and on what date, so that you can refer back to it if you're busy, forgetful, or busy and forgetful! :)


I'd like an enhancement to be made to job terminals so that when you go to review your requests, you can either select them and view the request AND the comments that have been left by your IC bosses, OR simply stick the original request in along with the response that your IC bosses left you.

As it stands now, it can be kinda tricky to manage reimbursements if you're submitting a lot of them, or have several of similar denominations and dates, which makes the IC feedback you're given pretty hard to place to the requisition you filed.

In the meantime, don't be like me and forget what you did, then scratch your head wondering what the denial comments mean!

Never had to do this. Is there not any sort of identifier to associate a response with a claim?
This would be very helpful. I would also like to be able to see when reimbursements are accepted, but get bumped due to maxing budget. In the past, they've been accepted, the system hits budget limit, and it just resubmits the request until it's finally denied. Looks like you're sending the thing over and over but that's not the case.