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Rescue Command
Mixers getting shot on your behalf (for a modest fee)

Command: Rescue

>rescue newb

- Roll versus (Dodge? PCP? AGI / QCK? Weapon skill? Some combo therein?)

- If passed you swap out your target in combat for yourself, aka become the front line and/or disengage the victim. (Jump in front of a shotgun blast and take a bullet for that media star Corpsec action krak krak krak!)

Unless I've totally missed it somewhere I think the only way to save someone being attacked is to either hope they can flee, hope you murder the assailant faster than they murder your charge or grapple your charge, thus using them like a human shield for maybe a round or two and trying to run off.

Allows people in professions like bodyguard / hired muscle / protection services / park guides / escorts / tourist guides / security / desert explorer sherpas, etc. a command to actually attempt a "save" on their charge.

Also lets characters have an ability to intervene on a fight, saving their leaders or bosses and such for head pets and cred where applicable.

Also maybe helps keep shooty stabby want to be tough guy newbs alive an extra week while they get used to combat. (If they go out and ICly trick/con/hire/charm someone into helping them out first of course)

I really like this idea.

So the idea for this is to take the heat in place of X target? You work as a human shield and take all damage targeted to the person you want to rescue and get in the way of people trying to intercept them if X target wants to flee.

If X didn't want to flee and fought instead, you would be sort of getting in their way. So there would be a good chance of them hitting you instead of their intended target.

Obviously you could fail the roll, multiple attackers would increase the difficulty, guns and explosives would be trickier. Also, while doing this you wouldn't be able to attack or take any other actions.

I think there is already a way to simulate this in game, but I never tried it and it requires previous preparation and consent from both parties. Bodyguard @trusts X to grapple them, X grapples bodyguard, bodyguard is used as a human shield and if X manages to flee (they can still be intercepted), I think they both would disengage combat. The thing with this is that it would be easy for an attacker to try to grapple X and break the grapple they have on their bodyguard.

Anyways, I support this idea.

I am a fan of the idea of 'taunting' or putting yourself in the area of the attack but there'd be nothing to stop the person from typing stop combat and attack immediately after a successful bodyguard action from an interceding ally. It may interrupt a single round of attack, it would have to require an $action system delay to prevent abuse, and the person that is being 'guarded' would need to lose combat rounds because you're effectively in the way, heck, I'd say they even have their target switched to you too, if you unexpectedly jump in their way while they're also pulling the trigger.

I think it could be fun though to interrupt the flow of a fight and prolong it a bit longer.

/me pulls aggro.

So, not a "rescue" but an attempt to rescue. Modifications to "guard", maybe?

A delay on the rescuee very likely be key to make it balanced. You're kind of knocking them out of the way and jumping out in front, so it logically ought to throw them off for at least a round of cool down. I'm not sure if the rescuer would be starting in aggressive or defensive. I'd 'guess' defensive since they're defending the guy they just shoved into a wall. But it could go either way.

It would be kind of funny to see it used as a taunt too. I never thought of that. It's got some potential similar to what grapple does for prolonging a combat situation and slowing it down. Would be interesting to see it in a group aggro situation like a gang war. People shoving each other down in the street, swinging cricket bats around, jumping in front of SMG's.. shenanigans!

We have a website search which includes BGBB posts

^ This is important because we have been around for 18 years. Possibly more by the time you read this post.

A lot of ideas have already been discussed. Sometimes multiple times.