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Retnal scanners
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Lucien

I don't now if you can do this or not, but wouldn't it be cool if you could take someone's eye and use it to open doors that the owner of said eye has acess to. You should definately be able to.

yes, and hands... severed hands for the palm scanners. :) ... no... really, i'm serious.

(or just being able to drag someone over to a palm scanner and open a door...) *cough*


Haha Bias, I remember that problem that day...

Yes, I think you should be able to use people's hands or eyes to open doors, either by taking it off or preferably even by dragging their sleeping/unconscious/dead body to said door and scanning them without their knowledge.

It's be neat if way down the road, you could use that to steal money from their bank accounts too.

Ooooh, that'd be a whole new kind of thievery!

This is -why- you can gouge out eyes.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that players were using it to break into places so it was removed. Hell if I can remember -why- it was decided at that time to remove it. Perhaps someone could enlighten me who knows.