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Return of Ramming
More functionality to cars.

When i last checked , the ramming command was removed because of fear of abuse. It was usable on players and npcs and literaly became a free killing machine because you could ram an npc and he could not retaliate.

currently , cars are also pretty much the invincible boxes while driving. If you lock your car and you don't drive like a fool , you can drive till you run out of gas. This results in the fact that you can't really force someone to stop their car (Short of EMP grenades and i assume you can drive faster than they can explode) or drive them off the road , no matter how faster or better you are. The only "Malicious" thing you can do to someone's car is find their car and steal it.

The idea of attacking a parked car was tossed around at some point , but it was shot down because it would be pretty easy to grief someone. Player leaves his car standing out in the open and finds a total wreck because no GM was around to puppet WJF or Terra to stop the attacker.

So i propose re-implementing the ramming command , only usable on cars. When a ram is initiated , you smash your car into the other car , in the hopes of inflicting enough damage to bring the other car to bring it to a standstill.

-Stats involved : Driving and Agility for the person that initiates the ramming, maybe with very small bonusses for having car repair tech. (Car repair will give you a better indication of where to aim your car. )

Driving and perception for the person that is being rammed. Or driving and agility with a very small bonus to perception (perception because you have to first see that guy accelerate towards you before you can actually try to avoid him).

-Damage (only ideas):

*Most low end cars should be able to ram twice , maybe three times before having to be towed to a garage. more higher end cars 3-4 times before one of their parts totally breaks. The idea here is to bring someone to a standstill for whatever malicious deeds you have planned.

*Stalling should be a possiblity after a ram for either party.

*The car receiving the ramming should also receive more damage if done by players with equal skill / equal cars. However , its more than normal that a person with a very high driving skill receives less damage if someone with no driving skills tries to ram into them. maybe it should be even possible to totally avoid the incomming ram and watch the ramming idiot drive into a wall.

*Damage could be spread across the car or to specific parts. tires and the body work of a car should probably get the most damage and be the easiest to get damaged beyond repair. These are also the most cheapest parts of a car.

*players inside a car should probably get a fair amount of damage , depending on skill and such. Nothing lethal , just enough to shake 'em around a bit.

Pros :

More functionality to cars , More work for mechanics if people use the ramming , cars will be less the the driving safety boxes.

Cons :

System can still be used for grief , you only need acces to a garage and a car.

More mechanics will have to have acces to tow trucks. Right now a car that fully breaks down is pretty rare.

Possible ways you can see this happen :

Car junkeys get involved in having to bring a car corpie / player / magical dooddad to a standstill before malicious deeds happen with that corpie / player /magical Dooddad.

WJF car chases of players / stolen vehicles / wanted criminals.

Gangers ramming stolen cars into cars of people that they don't like.

I think this is a great idea.

Being able to ram players, although realistic seems a bit OP but car-car ramming would be great. Also, it would be awesome if the WJF had mobile roadblocks they could set up to restrict car passage into an area. Similar to barricades that exist just not something that can easily be removed/dismantled.

Car to bike ramming would also be good, with a chance of knocking said person off their bike.

Higher end parts should become more viable then too, better tires = a better chance to dodge or something like that.

With a gun, or some other type of weapon it would be cool to see street/car combat. Player A see's Player B idling in his Koi by the pizza shop. Player A pulls his PopPop sneaks up to the window and unloads. Very easy for player B to simply drive away if they're fast enough.

Car back to street combat would be tricky though. Drive bys would be great to add to the game but I see some players filling their car with friends, everyone in the car firing out the windows and easily killing people with little/no effort.

I guess it could work similar to sniping with a delay between each shot fired.