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Returning Firel

Hey everyone,

Just was thinking over various recent combat incidents in my characters lifes, and one thing that stuck out is how unbalanced shoot someone from a roof/higher up is. Not to say it would be an easy feat, but currently (far as I know) there is no way to shoot back at someone shooting you on a roof. You have to go, find stairs, run up to the roof/jump to it or similar and by that time, the person may be gone.

I am suggesting a simple command or possibly a prompt asking you if you want to return fire (yes or no) at which point you would be able to shoot back at the aggressor. This can be dependent on your perception on if you can even tell where its coming from, how well you hit and the person on the roof has some bonus for being higher up and probably covered by something.

Not a technically important thing, but it would be interesting and add a dimension to combat.

Well, I mean, it's realistic, and you can easily leave the room and avoid further fire. But ya a sniper should have some advantage. It's why they're sniping. Especially since it has coded damage reduction.
I think it's intended that you don't always know exactly where the bullets are coming from. Snipers are supposed to have the advantage.

Aiming at roofs is something they've said is in the works eventually IIRC.

I did not know that. If thats the case, while it would be cool, its not as wanted. Just something I noticed after an event IC where the people trying to stop someone doing so had to run around multiple blocks, up stairs, over two rooves to even get to the person who in the space of the area, was only a story above the area getting shot at and was only in accessible through easier means because of geography.

Thanks for the info though!

if only there was some other way to get up onto a nearby rooftop...
I am aware of other IC was to do this. Thats just a situation where my idea would be viable. Compared to someone sniping off the top of NLM tower, for example, in which case my idea makes no sense.

I think this is something that honestly works fine as is and makes sense with the scope of how combat plays out in Sindome.

Aiming at roofs would be nice with severe penalties. 'Return fire'... no.

There are other downsides to -real- sniping with actual sniper rifles. I'm not going to get into it but their strengths are accounted for and have coded disadvantages. I asked for these types of things from my experience using them, so I feel like there's appropriate give and take right now.

@Euclid Thats kind of the idea I was getting at. Returning fire is what I could explain it as, but I really just want a way that it would be possible to have combat longer range without just standing rooms apart in a straight line. Just would make dealing with those situations more intriguing and make having various roles in a combat team even more crucial/viable.
shooting into other rooms is not an automated process so having an automated combat script start up for returning fire makes no sense

And thank you for the input Cerberus as well. It has been (admittedly) a little bit since I have done anything that would count as sniping, so if things have changed that is great.

Also I dunno who said we're working on aiming up at roofs from below, I'm not against that, but I am holistically against aiming from 1 roof to another. I just think that room to room aiming is already strong enough that I have asked for some code changes to make it less effective to combine with other skills for maximum efficiency.
Roof to roof aiming would just be a real fucking mess all around.