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Revamped CP Gun and Ammo Descriptions
Because of theme.

I checked the Mind and all the information is available. I would like to pitch a slow moving project to write replacement descriptions for guns and ammunition that both fit theme and make more practical sense. Here are a couple of examples I have worked up:


Replacing: MK23

Lore: ZMI acquired a UN contract for the OCP (Offensive Combat Pistol) in 2080 in line with the threat of genetically augmented humans. The requirements involved a side arm small enough to be concealed yet have the offense power required to penetrate thick armor and deal lethal damage to superhuman targets. While demanding, ZMI made use of a relatively new 5x30mm telescoped cartridge. While compact the incredibly high pressure polymer casing allowed for a fast burn to near full acceleration out of the only 20cm barrel. However, it still fell short of the stopping power requirement. To solve this issue the firearm was designed to fire a two round burst at 2000RPM from an open bolt with delayed recoil. While the end result was quite bulky, and the design somewhat unorthodox, it quickly became a notorious symbol of the most elite operatives and their 'assault rifle in a can'. Due to the burst fire and open bolt design, obtaining an OCP can be difficult in some places with strict firearm regulations.


A stolid symbol of aggression, the ZMI OCP stands above all competition as -the- offensive pistol. This showpiece is less handgun and more cannon, bulkier than any other full sized frame. Its twenty centimeter ceramic composite barrel is encased in a matt black shroud and milled with precise accessory attachment slots. The open bolt is like a hungry chrome mouth, fed by a translucent top mounted magazine, double stacked 5x30mm rounds visible. If its identity was still left in question, 'ZMI OCP' spelled out in glimmering metallic type from front to back.

Name: WAI Safeguard

Replacing: Beretta 9mm

Lore: In the early 2080's with the sudden influx of new immigrants and crime from the LTC there was an increased demand for a cheap personal defense weapon in Withmore. With the price of metal on the rise the Withmore Armament Company came up with the Safeguard. Almost entirely plastic except for a ceramic composite barrel and action, the production costs were kept to an absolute minimum. Few moving parts made the reliability of this weapon particularly memorable, and while it won't win a competition in precision, its durability could be called 'Junior Proof". It is the perfect weapon to hand to frequent coming and going wannabe security agents.


Made with enough plastic to be found on the toy aisle, the WAI Safeguard pistol could be the poster child of mass production. The barrel shroud is a long, scrawny neck next to an oversized trigger guard. Liberal fabrication tolerances are made obvious by the ever-present rattle of cheap parts. A half length slide secures the rear half of the handgun, giving every shot a distinct polymer snap. For all the economy and pragmatism present in this design, despite all its grunge and regardless of how ugly it might be, the WAI Safeguard claims reliability when it counts, or your money back.

Oh, I love this idea. Would never mind redos of all the firearms.