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Reveal command.
Those pesky disguises!

I would like to see there to be a reveal command. With it a player could attempt to reveal the identity of someone who is trying to hide it. The difficulty would be based on the item, like a helmet is harder than a the hood of a hoodie or a shroud. It would be a combat based maneuver because you are doing it against their will, so it could start a fight just like frisking can. Of course @trust would need a spot placement for it as well.

Instead of taking the item or actually stripping it from them,  just have disguise skill fail if they succeed in pulling your hood off. Since the garment in entirety isn't being removed then worrying about item coverage or removing it from them isn't a real concern. Now something like a ZMI helmet would be damn near impossible to get off of someone without actually having to resort to combat or demanding it of the person and them complying.

For my part I think this would be an excellent and useful verb - strip could be used but it depends on coverage. So taking off someone's hoodie might require removing a plethora of holsters, toolbelts, flak vests and cummerbunds - all to reveal a face.

Sadly, my kode fu is not all that strong so for the moment I will have to stare meaningfully at other admin, brows a-waggling, provided they wish to implement it.

I think the hoodie should have a command to pull down or put up the hood, changing it's coverage and allowing you to decide whether you want to be disguised while you're wearing it. Kind of like how du-wear eyepatches can be changed to left or right eyepatches with an actionXenode

+1 to the hoodie being able to bring the hood up and down. Was about to make my own thread until I saw this one.