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I just read some flavor text and thought it would be cool if there were rickshaws available for purchase and/or use. It would be a fun way to get around on a single level (I really don't think they should go into express tubes). Maybe even have a Rickshaw company based in Chinatown like Chex. Just a thought!

I love this idea. Would be a cool mix based job. And Ricksaw Drive-Bys!

I like this. Cheaper than Chex, Red Sector only, way slower. A way for immies to get a taste of transportation without having to flash out on Chex (which will be in all ways superior).

Good immy starter job, perhaps.

Only requiring Strength and Endurance, no skill. I like it. Code it like a two-seat vehicle or bike or something.

I think this could add a lot to the themelyness and general functionality to the Red sector, a simple strength and endurance check as Kuzco said could make for an interesting and involving experience, for drivers and passengers alike.