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Riotgear- making it broader
Making Riotgear viable to more than just combat

Considering SHFL is a popular past time, I feel it would be nice to have more minigames in it. Like driving- making it a race styled thing, or a timed delivery thing, or a surgery or medical simulator,

And also incorporating this into the combat module where in drivers and medics can be involved leading to far more interesting scenarios rather than just the same old gladiatorial deathmatches we have now. Thanks.

I feel like this is definitely a system that could be used to help learn development and application of skills via Ic means
I absolutely love the idea of having a pay-for virtual space to train learn how to OOCly use IC skills, like driving etc.
I disagree with having 'mechanical' ways to test skills such as medical and driving that tells you what you can or can't do - it should always be vague until you try it in the real world in my opinion. As long as they weren't very accurate and more arcade like just like SHFL I guess it could work.
What brings more RP? Paying for SHFL and driving a car to see if you're good enough or paying your chum to let you try and drive their car?
Ofcourse. It doesn't have to be accurate. Just like irl simulators.
Riotgear style games can be set to provide stats and skills instead of using what you have. We could potentially use this to allow people to go into the system and test out different things. Could be useful for complex systems like cyber installs or fixing cars.
Thank you Slither!! I made a previous post about Vehicle sim modules at SHFL too. I would appreciate it greatly if this were implemented.