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Robotics-Style Parts System for Vehicles
Nested inspections with tool diagnostics

With the possible future inclusion of weapons or other hardpoint modifications which may want to be concealed, I think there could be some benefit to having nested parts on vehicles like robots have, where visual inspection only shows what's on the outside and diagnostic tools system could replicate some garage functionality without having a coded garage room.
Suppose that's a decent point about seeing the engine and trans details from the outside.
I would love a Vehicle Diagnostics Tool, that allows mechanics to check the condition of the vehicle without taking it apart by just plugging it into the vehicles "ECU" and checking its systems for errors and such.
I'm tickled people noticed that detail and liked it enough to recommend backporting it to other facets of the game. It certainly makes it feel less cheesy.
Just to reiterate that any diagnostic tools would really be a lifesaver if there's ever development time for it, there's just so much guesswork. Counting rooms and timing milliseconds between lines of feedback feels like dowsing for stats.

With how much vehicle performance has been tweaked, I haven't really got the slightest idea what anything is doing anymore, because every part ends up being a tiny variable in a presumably complex hashed outcome and they often have little or no documentation except the object name and price to glean information from.

Some kind of diagnostic tool to get basic information about vehicle performance would really go a long way to making it something more than a mystery box. Potential things like mass, handling, velocity, an odometer, a digital fuel gauge, hardpoint information.

Characters can see how equipment effects their @stats, and modern vehicles usually can display a fair amount of information, so I think there's some logical precedent for a certain amount of data to be visible.

Cool, a way to demystify vehicles a little better has been added. You now have inspection on parts, the idiot lights, the vehicle billboard, and eval for vehicles which shows every bit of info that actually exists about hardpoints (there is 0 obscuration with hardpoints at all).