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Rocket Propelled Grenades
And their launchers, too!

Well, now that we have aerodynes. We need ways to take them down.  My suggestion?  The tried and true of rebels everywhere, the RPG.  I suggest that a standard RPG launcher is created that will fire an RPG round a maximum of two rooms in any direction so long as there isn't a physical obstruction.  What's more, the round will additionally do vehicle damage to standard ground vehicles as well as antipersonnel damage comparable to the frag grenades we have available at this time.  Either that, or we have differing rounds according to the situation, i.e., antipersonnel rounds will only do damage to people in a room where an RPG round detonates, whereas antivehicular rounds will do vehicular damage.  And since we're talking about the typical RPG that's been around in, say, Iraq or Afghanistan, the things need to become immensely ineffective as range increases. While using the RPG, the grenadier should only be able to hold this weapon. That is, once shouldered, both weapon/object slots in the hands are taken up.  Reloading times should be decent. Additionally, since RPGs require range to detonate, it should be advised that they cannot be aimed at people or objects within the same room.  Or, if the case may happen, the damage may injure the grenadier as well.  Since RPGs are an explosive munition, perhaps there should be a level of collateral damage to associating targets, so if target A is fired upon, individuals surrounding target A may obtain secondary damage.

I believe there's a fully desc'd material somewhere in the game for one.

Any suggestions

I like the idea and I don't like the idea. The advantages of having these things is vehicles won't be as invincible as they are now. The disadvantage is driving to work one day you suddonly blow up isn't that fun of RP. It would certainly be fun to see this implemented but it should be toned way down and then tweaked up as needed. They should also be expensive. Cheaper than a car of course so they are actually worth using but for 'reality' sake, how many RPGs go off in Withmore each day? If there is zero tolerance for guns, there should be negative infinity tolerance for RPGs. An RPG goes off, and big red flashing lights go off all over the city and everybody is placed under house arrest. An instantaneous curfew is put into effect and automatic drones swarm the streets shooting anything that moves. Judges in full assault gear bust down the doors of any building within a mile radius of the explosion and anybody who has an inch of a guilty look on their face is sentenced to clone death. The clones are then arrested and sent to a secret prison where they have a second trial. People found guilty are instantly banished (since perma kill is no fun for anybody). People found innocent are placed on a terrorist watch list and are clone killed if they step foot on Green. Anyway, I think you get the idea. Zero tolerance for terrorists. Oh yeah, and fix flying first. For an additional fee, the RPG should also have the optional feature of an onboard guidance system made out of cheap electronics that make them a threat to even the most skilled drivers/pilots.

Heh. I can see it now:


My idea of the scenario of using an RPG is thus:

A Cayley 450 AV hovers above the Bansupero Market.
A Cayley 450 AV hovers above the Bansupero Market.

Load RPG7V2 with surface-to-air RPG.

You load your RPG7V2 with one SAM RPG.

Aim RPG7V2 at Cayley.

You take aim at the Cayley 450 AV above Bansupero Market.

Shoot Cayley with RPG7V2.
Taking aim, you fire your RPG7V2 at a Cayley 450 AV.

A SAM RPG streaks through the sky, bearing down on a Cayley 450 AV.

A SAM RPG streaks through the sky, bearing down on a Cayley 450 AV.

A SAM RPG hits a Cayley 450 AV, sending it into a tail spin.

A Cayley 450 AV careens through the sky to the west.

You hear a loud explosion to the west.

I really think the WJF should be played way more gung-ho than it has been. Half the reason we spend all this money on defense is just so we get a chance to flex our muscles now and then. You'd think with all the cool gear the WJF has they'd be showing it off at any oppertunity they had. You don't save SWAT for the hardest missions. You call in SWAT for the missions that look difficult but in actuality are so easy that it's guaranteed publicity. As we stand now, NLM would eat up any story the WJF gave them. How it should be is the WJF do so many publicity stunts NLM has to pick and choose what's worthy to put on the news. Heck, all the corps should be performing twice as many publicity stunts as they do now.

The WJF definetly needs more active players. I think that could help. Their are no corpies. Economy is in peril.


Isn't this a thread about grenade launchers?

Vehicle combat would be sweet and I live for the day when players and vehicle can fully interact.

lolz up-armor your cars or buy an RPG deflector. Yes they exist and yes they work. sometimes.

fyi you are better off trying to shoot things out the sky with SAM units rather then your standard RPG.

What sort of mixer can afford a SAM? Fuckall, lol. So RPG it would have to be.  I mean, I don't see insurgents with SAMS.  Maybe if they're NVK.

We provided the Afghans with SAMs to fight the Russians. Maybe Vegas has a grudge against Withmore?

I shot an RPG for 10 bucks once.

Hah. Then you could help me create all the scripts for it :)

Either way, we need weapons that can be used in a limited capacity against AVs and in a relatively solid capacity against vehicles.  This brings to play another aspect of vehicle security in the form of armor, ECMs, other countermeasures, and possibly even hard and soft-point weapons systems.  Additionally, if a car or vehicle is wrecked to shit and back and you are inside it, there should be a solid possibility of death.

Oh, and ram needs to be coded and functional.

With that should come vehicle mounted weapons too, to counter the guy on the roof top with the rocket.

.50 cal machine guns, or even a 7.62mm machine gun such as an M240B.

If we're feeling like wipeing fuller street clean, a Mark19.