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RP and Grid locations
where the hell is everyone???

I understand the reasoning behind not having any command to be able to find where people are roleplaying on the grid. �But I thought I might point out one problem with it and offer a tentative solution.


For folks new to the moo, it is very difficult to get involved in roleplay when you are depending on randomly running into people to pose to, and hopefully to meet and roleplay with, if you have no idea where the other pc�s are.

Once you are established, you have ways of contacting people ICly. �You have their protigia digits, or their SIC alias, or their NLMail address. �However, when you are starting out, you have none of these benefits.

It is fine to put the onus of meeting new people on the newbies. �It�s fine to expect them to go out and actively work hard at meeting people and involving themselves in the game. �However, it is now extraordinarily difficult to do so, when you can�t find anyone on the grid to interact with.


Allow newbies to have a command such as @where or @hotspots that would tell them where people are located on the grid for as long as they are allowed to have a free coffin to stay in. �In other words for two weeks. The command does not have to return where every PC is on the grid, but it could return something like: � Ashlin Street, Red District, 3 pc�s.

After this two weeks time, folks should at least know a couple people, from which to garner introductions to other PC�s from, and with whom to roleplay.

It�s just a thought�

While I'm sure the majority would use the feature, the minority would abuse it. Hit the bars on red and you'll find people that -want to be found-.

Additionally, it's ok for newbies to get on the OOC-CHAT channel (@xcon ooc) and let other players know they are new and looking for some RP. The command to talk on the channel is 'xm'.

Note that it is not cool to discuss anything IC on the OOC channel that does not directly address a newbies need. If the line is crossed, we'll do our best to nicely handle the situation.

Quote: from Johnny on 7:05 pm on Feb. 10, 2004[br]...we'll do our best to nicely handle the situation.

Heh...nicely handle the situation...