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RP Clinic
Like an intensive study.

Granted, I haven't been playing much. At all.
But consider this: A day once a month when you log on not to the Dome but a specific CP-related location only maybe one or two "frames" big. Like a locked-in diner.  Or den of sorts. Or office floor. You'd get a brief description on what you were getting into, then make a new character for that day and not wonder about never finding anybody who was online, because you'd be guaranteed a chance to RP with whomever was there.

Short term benefits would be something like a chance to mix up your characters and start anew, maybe try something fresh. Not to mention a cure for boredom.

Long term benefits would be that maybe new people would be more attracted to these intensive clinics...easier to grasp a scene which can be described in two paragraphs than the whole Sindome world. And maybe if the GMs particularly like one of these disposable characters or scenarios, they could (ask permission and then) encorporate them into the standard SD world.

Vice. Grr.

I think this is a pretty cool idea.  It would be nice to RP with the same people, but under a diffrent pretense and using a diffrent face.  It could almost be like one of those murder mystery dinners that old (fuck i'm getting old too, Fresh Prince of Bel Air is on Nick at Night) people have.  You get assigned a role before hand and you RP it as well as you can.

It would be pretty neat either way.

This idea doesn't have any negative repercussions if the entire scenario takes place in isolation from everything happening in the game.

If it were the case that you "RP with the same people," but with a different character, then all you're doing is introducing an easy opportunity for people to gather information that would be otherwise unavailable to your normal character, and that would be a bad idea. I don't trust players to play their character like they don't know something in-game even though they actually do IRL.

No, when I said, RP with the same people, I meant, the same controllers, as in You and Me, as Nemisis And Budda.

I think what Lena was saying was that -everyone- would get a new character for that time period of the thang.  It wouldn't be like, some people start new ones some dont.

Ah ok. Great idea then!