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RP Notification

Was thinking it'd be neat to have a command for players to use to alert other players OOCly of anything going on that they can get in on. Just lets them know of the location, basically like '@rp The Drome' and it'll let everyone know, so they can participate if they want to.

This idea has actually been tossed around before. and the out come is always the same: No way in hell! People need to stop logging on and idling in their cubes and get out there and find the RP.

If you're out there RPing, and people are loged on with 20-30 minute idle times, their loss. Not yours. To find the RP you gotta get out there and actually LOOK for the RP.

Yeah, I hate seeing people on and not idle, but not knowing where they are.

i rarely idle in my character's cube, damnit.
but my character is an anti-social cunt anyways...
so she idles IN FRONT of the drome for an hour.

maybe i just don't care enough to spend half my day logged on to SD in the hopes of finding RP.

my loss eh?

i still amuse myself in finding rats to torment...

though I'm not sure about the Idea, don't get me wrong it would be cool, but not realistic.  

I have to agree with bias about finding rp, it's awesome when you can make good rp, but who likes to wander around withmore hoping to contact someone you know, or find someone who you can interact with, and boom for hours straight, (or if your unlucky days)  nota!!

I was thinking that in addition to the scripting posts, (which I can't wait to find the time to read)  there should be like 'plot development' posts where people can suggest possible plot ideas.

for instance: my char. can't always afford to go out and pay everyone to do his dirty work, but corpies who want something and don't want to soil their hands can so someone get togther a few seedy chars for a raid on some corportaton's offices to get a high value item.  the security catches you and a battle ensues, in the meantime one of the 'raiders'(for lack of a better description) sneaks off to get the item, or maybe they don't even get caught cause' their just that badass, but throw in a snag or two for excitement....
ok, os my Idea might not be the best, I thought of it off of the top of my head for god's sake, but having admins start similar plots, or even provoke others to do it in their absance, (E.G. some admin in the guise of a SK employee comes up to me and says I know who has the lost crate, and we'll pay you and a few others you can round up to get it back)  you guys get the idea right?

ok so here comes everyone telling me "can't you make your own rp?  maybe you don't belong here... "  to them I say: what the fuck ever, cause hell yeah I can and do make my own rp, and it kicks ass, but we all know that times exist where it just doesn't work out the way you want.  I guess what I'm saying is maybe take a break from coding or something(I'm not pretending to know what admins do all of the time just guessing) and throw us some plot bones, it would be fun for all..

maybe even posting them (plot ideas) would inspire people to do those things themselves as well as with admin help, I really wish I could spend all day thinking of cool stuff to rp on the dome, but I (as well as most of you do I'm sure) have MANY other commitments so let our powers combine, or something.

just an IDEA if it's hated, well, won't be the first time, but I wanted to say it.

I'll touch on one aspect of Jotun's post. �Plot ideas.

GM's are always looking for ideas.

I am very against any plot ideas being posted on the BgBB as it would be too easy to cross the IC/OOC line.

If you have any ideas regarding plots either for your character, or for the game in general, please feel free to contact me specifically, or any other GM.

We'll be more than happy to look it over and if it fits in with everything else that is going on, we'll do our best to implement it, or implement it with a twist such that you don't know it's your idea.

Now that wouldn't be any fun, would it?

Knowing what was gonna happen to your character ...


I agree with the ooc/ic problems of posting plot ideas for everyone to see to make it easy and anynomus for everyone, maybe a e-mail address we could send any  plot ideas to.  jink, is yours [email protected]?  (that is if you don't mind me contacting you via e-mail, it would be easier than xhelping paragraphs of plot ideas.

To really get involved in a lot of the RP that goes on, you need to be 'in the loop' somehow. Of course, if you never leave your cube, or only spend a few minutes in the bar every now and again, your chances of that happening are slim. I know it's been beaten like a dead horse so many times, but actually getting out and about is essential to getting involved in the good stuff.

It also helps greatly to be involved with some of the more established characters, if you're starving for good RP and can't find any by yourself. So many people have no idea just how much stuff is going on around them, because they don't get themselves involved in anything. Especially in the not-so-hidden criminal underworld of RED, plenty of wild and crazy shit is happening constantly. You don't even have to play a criminal character to get in on this RP by any means, but you wont see a lot of it if you don't know anybody involved.

What if you -do- want to have a little bastard character who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty? If you play a character like this, and you're not really doing much of anything exciting, then you're doing something wrong. Make sure you're not holding yourself back because you're always afraid of something bad happening to your character. Caution is good, except when you haven't done anything at all because of it. If you use a little smarts, your badass-in-training can get away with a lot more than you think. Learn how to manipulate people into doing what you want. Drop very subtle hints to the right people to get rumors spread. Understate your abilities to make people underestimate you.

If your character is on the softer side, use that to your advantage. Make your character appear less involved and more innocent of any manipulations. Get to know people who hate each other, play double agent, and maybe get them in all together in the wrong place at the right time. Find someone who is enough of a badass and make deals with them. Have them give you support in exchange for information, for example.

The biggest key to really good RP is to not be too attached or sentimental, to your character, their possessions, or any other characters. Take risks, do something crazy now and again. Uhm.. I forgot what else I was gonna say, because my mind has become focused on getting doritos.

Dorito time.

Spaze speaks words of wisdom.

And yes, [email protected] is my e-mail address.

I'll be happy to accept any plot ideas.

But you'll understand if I can't comment on them, specifically whether they will happen, or not.


Yes, I'll admit it. I've been known to be one to sit around and idle in my cube. But I usually have a good I'm doing homework and playing SD on the side (I have tons of homework usually...I miss summer...).

But I agree with everyone on the fact that you need to GET OUT THERE and find your own RP or make your own RP...or hell, find someone elses RP and make it your own. I's a great experience when you get out there and just find things to do, whether it be with a PC or an NPC. And the best part is (if you really get into things like I do), you get immersed in the RP and you have a blast. Those are the goodpoints of SD, and the only reason you SD has its slow times is due to the smaller playerbase than other MOOs. Stick with it, and it'll happen. Trust me...