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Another way to gain.

I understand that XP for all intents and purposes has been removed and for the most part I agree with that. The thing is though that only a few people seem to be driven to spend all the time it takes to get all three of their daily UE none-the-less more time than that. I understand that for some people real life gets in the way and they are here as much as they can be.

The system as I imagine it would work like this. Players get xp NOT UE for role playing with each other. The more people in the area, the faster it accumulates. Using OOC, using pre-made socials, and using repetitive emotes would all detract from this accumulation. Maybe even have OOC (the in room chat) have a cost of xp to encourage it to only be used for rp clarifications.

Staff could also give out xp tokens as rewards for RP that they see being above par.

This xp would in turn be used to purchase UE or Chyen to help the players along with prices set to maintain balance. Maybe even have an escalating price system so the more you use it, the more it costs to make these purchases with the xp.

I see this as a means of speeding things up for the new players as well as giving them a 'purpose' while they are new. It also gives older players a reason to seek out newer players and to interact with them. And last but not least, it allows people who spend more time than just to acquire UE to directly benefit from it, but in a manner that can't be abused by simply idling.

(Edited by Ravonic at 9:37 pm on Sep. 19, 2011)

The problem with automating such a system is that RP quality is pretty subjective - varying emotes and staying true to character don't necessarily go hand-in-hand. It would also result in all characters suddenly becoming very restless and jittery, from a realistic standpoint. It also precludes rewarding RP, no matter how in-character, if it takes place over SIC, radio, phone, grid etc.

I am also having disturbing visions of the entire playerbase sitting in the same bar all at once with a thesaurus in hand, instead of going out and getting into trouble.

I could only see such an xp-for-rp system working if manually supervised, but that presents more problems: ATM there isn't that much staff to go around, and someone would end up crying that such-and-such staff hates him/her and never gives him/her XP. Take some time to go over old posts in general and complaints since 2000-2001ish and you'll see the kind of retarded shit people would find to complain about.

That said, it would be interesting to have "hidden" ways of acquiring an extra UE or two that would require players to be out and about interacting. The next day they would receive the point and a message saying "Your activity yesterday has earned you 1 extra UE" or somesuch, so as to keep it from being discoverable/abusable.

Quote: from Murphy on 7:41 am on Sep. 20, 2011[br]
That said, it would be interesting to have "hidden" ways of acquiring an extra UE or two that would require players to be out and about interacting. The next day they would receive the point and a message saying "Your activity yesterday has earned you 1 extra UE" or somesuch, so as to keep it from being discoverable/abusable.

This portion seems pretty promising. Like discovering new areas, meeting key characters, etc. I wonder what we could do it through ...

Well, you could take a cue from PeeWee's Playhouse and hide UE's in "secret words" - or rather, verbs. Have the UE points randomly move about every day it's collected so that repeating the same action doesn't yield a point. Have one or two collectable per day, per player.

So one day it might come from ordering a drink at a certain bar, another it might come from fighting a certain NPC (or player), another day it might come from doing a certain number of emotes/poses, another day moving a certain amount of rooms, something else..

I imagine that might be a bit hard to code, though.

It's been a while since I put it down (probably 8-9 years), and this seems like a decent way to turn actions into UE without making it stat/skill farming. :)
Hard to farm when you don't know if you're getting anything out of it til later. :p
I played this MUSH a while back where xp was handle completely by recommendations from other players.  Each player could give so many recommendations a day, so the recommend another player for good roleplaying, citing a specific reason or even copying an awesome pose.  Then the admins went through and approved or denied them.  The recommending player also got a little bit of xp too.  I realize this would put more weight on the admins, but I thought it was a really cool system.  I was only active for a few weeks, but I managed to grow my character quite a bit, both stat wise and rp wise cause I had that encouragement to go out and interact.

Also, hi.  I'm still alive, still creeping the boards from time to time.  One of these days I may even make a new character.

In the mean time, AM ON TV!

Let's skip the robust system. Gm's are watching us right? So if a Gm is on, and you see something cool a player did go ahead and give little billy a gold star. Or an 'x' for bad behavior, I don't care. If your not on, leave it be. As a brief survey to players, Wouldn't you rather have some system in place, that -could- benefit you and could possibly give the admin ideas of how much we want to be rewarded and where it could be taken. Or wait for the non-beta version.

If it would put extra load on gms. Then don't make it the priority, of checking bugs and whatever else it is you do. If it is worthy of gaining experience, I'm sure the admin would be aware of it.

I like the idea of player recommendations, maybe players could log some of the rp then forward it to gms with their recommendation.

The only problem with player recommendations that I see, personally, is that a lot of people throughout Sindome's history have had really tender rectums and they're prone to carry their butthurt for a long time. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd purposely refuse to commend a given player's, regardless of quality, if said player sometime in the past wounded their sphincter.

A lot of the forum seems to have been archived or something, so unfortunately I can't pull up some of the more amusing bitchfests I've seen in my time.

Sure, GMs are sometimes watching, but not always. The recommendation system would probably go a lot further in actually becoming a reality than any GMs just handing out experience for RP they actually noticed and thought was half decent.

Not to mention the sticky situation of missing said RP or rewarding somebody and not somebody else. People thinking there is favouritism or hatred going on. Just a big ugly mess.. which also ties into the comment Murphy made.

If we were to implement something for rewarding RP, then your suggestion on player submissions is a good starting point.StoneMonk_v2

Even though none of these are terrible ideas, I think they all have the potential to cause problems. Anything not relatively automated, that required a human being to make a choice about who gets what, could be subject to abuse. I totally agree with FS that even if there isn't the slightest hint of abuse, depending on your perception you may think someone is favored, or your hated. I mean lets be honest some people who play Sindome have a RL closeness that others just don't, and if i'm not totally incorrect that has caused problems in the past without something like this being avaliable.
I'm a fan of the idea of getting notified the next day that you earned XP for something good.

Also agree that there should be changes frequently made to the events which will earn XP.

Also also it would be super spiffy if XP was used as a way of 'guiding' the game by involvement with ongoing plots...i.e. if you are involved in a GM-run plot (not saying other plots won't earn XP, but definitely main stream plots should). As opposed to sitting around in your office, ignoring the fires raging outside.

Appropriate book reference: 'Ready Player One' , Slither I know you know this one.