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Scale tailored items weight
Based on @coverage slots

Simple idea,

It'd be nice to scale tailored items weight based on the number of slots it covers. Tailored items defaulting to 1.5kg seems a bit on the high side as it is (that's a hella heavy pair of pants or shirt, for example) so allowing it to scale between a featherweight wristband on one wrist to a heavyweight full-body jumpsuit would be aces.

Also, might be nice to have differing base weights based on material. Things like cultured leather and diamondweave seem like they'd naturally be heavier than egyptian cotton or silk.


I like this idea. Trenchcoats being heavier than silk gloves seems to make sense.
It feels like it could be done on 'finalize' as a percentage of areas covered.
Definitely agree. I didn't even realize how heavy clothes were (because I never looked) until a few days ago when I was considering other IC items that affect weight in a potentially detrimental kind of way.