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Scavenger system

Perhaps for people living a certain lifestyle there could be an place that you can scavenge useful bits and bobs and sell them to an NPC for small amounts of chy. It could even be a job where you're hired as a scavenger. Unlike ACME and other automated early jobs you'd have to be hired to do it. Maybe you'd have to live in a really really rough place to be able to qualify for the job. Or you'd need to effectively be "Homeless" to be able to be hired for this. To be clear this job would pay pretty much nothing and would work with the weekly cap so it couldn't be exploited, as an alternative to running crates you could scavenge places for "A pile of wires" or "A working circuit board" or "A half drained Batox cell" that someone would pay for.

This would allow for scavenger roleplay for people who want to go down the route of true poverty.

This... exists...
Systems like this exist, with the ability to resell and do a bunch of various scavenging, haggling, and similar, dependent on skills.
Huh....Guess i've got to find different people to ask IC then.