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Scripts for chrome installs
Give some flavor to getting some 'ware

I have not been on the cyberdoc side of chrome installation, but from the installee's side, (so far as I've seen anyway) it's a little underwhelming; you just wake up and have some new commands you can use. It'd be pretty ace if there was a bit of script, analogous to the drug effects script that run when you toke up or whatever, shortly after you wake up from an install. Something like "Your new senses render the world in almost-painful clarity" or something, for a hearing amp or vision amp or whatever. Just to make the non-trivial expenditure of flash a little more flavorful.
Interesting. This could be possible based on similar code to drug experience scripts... Quick, a couple messages... I like it. I will create a thread in the scripting forums soliciting some drafts.
Awesome! I'm so glad to hear it. I think a little bit would go a long way to making getting new 'ware seem a lot cooler.