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Sedative Syringes
For those times when a baka won't shut up...

Granted I haven't explored all the options yet, if these don't exist yet I can't see why they wouldn't considering we have derms and medpacks from your consumer grade up to mil-spec within the game.

The idea behind it would be simple, a syringe that you can inject someone with that would sedate them. You can use it in @trusted situations or in more 'creative' situations (i.e. - already unconscious or grappled) It would open up some more creative ideas for roleplay and add some value to the game I think.

Just my 2 Chy.

There is an item that had such a function (among others). IIRC said function was removed due to abuse. Slither would know more on the subject, I believe.

Though it may not be an item you can just stick in your pocket and bring with you to use at your leisure this capibility does definately exist.  It's a bit trickier than the situation I described above, but it's been done with what we have in game with similar results.