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Seeing Exhaustion in other players
Too Tired, or waiting for buddies?

I would like some sort of message of obvious exhaustion from another player if they are trying to do something.

Why? Because sometimes when you request something from an exhausted player (a mugging, for example) they just sit there in silence because they player is trying to do the action. Sometimes they can't talk because their so tired. Sometimes they can't emote because emoting takes stamina. So they just sit there unable to really communicate their situation. Hell, even sometimes slow typers like myself try to make a show of their exhausted situation with emotes only to be shown that you're too tired to do emote it.

While we should always strive to emote and make the gameplay a little more theatrical, I can't deny that time is always an issue. The more time that passes, the more possibility that others are going to find out you're mugging and try to stop you or his buddies are going to come back him up.

The only real big con I can think that can happen from this, is a LOT of spam from the exhausted players from all the actions they attempt to make while tired.

Anyway, just an idea.

Interesting idea. It could be a passive thing like "obvious distress".

A filthy chummer is suffering from vicious wounds and looks tired as fuck.

Maybe not always displayed, but when it gets to extremes? You'd probably be able to tell when looking at someone irl if they are so beat that they can't even open their mouth.

You can talk when you're completely exhausted, can't you?

If you're super exhausted it comes through as something like @genericshroudednpc#3452, "S....S....t...yo..*gasp* Cur...*Gasp*..T...

I do think having a status in the description would be good, not just for exhaustion but if you see someone bruised and battered or bleeding. These would be the first things you'd likely notice.

I honestly question the entire need for the stamina cost associated with talking and emoting. I can understand stuttering *slightly* when out of breath, but I can honestly never think that I've seen someone stuttering repeatedly due to coded breath loss add anything to a scene beyond people artificially extending the dialogue to give them time to regenerate stamina.

I've seen staff puppeted NPCs respond in the same manner as well. It's really just a hindrance. I've also had situations where someone attempting to actually act out being injured properly has had it hampered to the point of not being able to even try, and apologizing for it over room OOC.

It serves no real purpose and doesn't really add anything to the game. I'd suggest removing the stamina cost for emoting entirely and just providing a warning to people when they're close to that threshold that they shouldn't be making large movements or the like in their poses/emotes.

This is also compounded MASSIVELY on low endurance characters since they regenerate orders of magnitudes slower at levels of high injury compared to characters with higher stats, meaning that from a bare standpoint, this feature tends to punish new players who may already be struggling to come to terms with their beatdown as is.

Removing the core ability of a roleplaying game, aka, someone's ability to roleplay for no real reason other than to try and forcefully make them "sell" their injuries is by no means good design from any standpoint.

It was done because cheese dick players trying to decide when they were tired. Every action had to have a cost or half of you would be bitching the other half isn't acting right.

Respect the code, don't work around it.

You already can emote while you are heavily exhausted using ':' instead of '.', RP properly though.

Given that you can always speak and others will see your struggle, no feature change is needed here. Try to say something icly and respond icly, it is not an ooc situation.