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Set Both Titles
More flexible naming

It would just be very useful in certain circumstances.

Alternative, much more complex suggestion: Allow PC @name to be displayed instead of the OOC identifier.

Additional related suggestion: Bake titles into OOC name; e.g. they become targettable and inherit @skintone.
I don't understand what your idea is.

By "both titles" do you mean a @title that's before the name as well as a simultaneous @title that's after the name? Since currently you can only pick one.

Is this so you can create a character named Ecks, giving them @title me is Seven? 😁
High-Inquisitor Joe Baka, et cetera.

NPCs can already be targetted by multiple names, and can have titles and surnames (or given names and titles).

Personally I would find it an improvement.

I feel like you could run into trouble with baking the names. Such as if someone called Joe has the @title Baka as a suffix, and someone called Baka has the @title Joe as a prefix.
You can already do this (without targetting) and it doesn't happen, and would probably be prohibited by staff anyway so I don't suspect it would be a problem.