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Sex distinction when talking on the phone
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Akasha

Usually, IRL, when speaking on a phone, if you're not able to actually tell who the speaker is, you can at least identify their sex. Not only would this be more realistic, but it would also allow the player to possibly distinguish the difference between a person they wanted to call and one who may have picked up the phone.

Yup, voices on cells has been discussed fairly in-depth before. I think it was put off as a low priority.

That would be cool to have.  Cause than when you go to try and call your 'female friend' and her 'male companion' happens to pick up the'll know to hang up, as opposed to making yourself into a target.  It'd be even better if, say for example, you talk to someone regularly on your cell, when they call you automatically know who they are.  But now I'm just drifting through imaginary possibilities.  For now, I'm just grateful for my caller ID.

The problem with knowing -who- it is, is that it's often hard to distinguish someones voice on the phone.

Well naturally...but if you call your dealer as much as some people'll know his voice.  Just a thought.

I'm not asking for voice distinction, just sex distinction. It's a bit more realistic.

Maybe a simple solution for this, I believe, would involve ANSI colour. Having people pick their 'phone voice' colour from a number of choices, the choices being different depending on the character's sex. So 'similar phone voice' incidents could still occur.

Just a thought.

That sounds like a good idea.  More realistic like.

I'm wondering if 'phone voice' could somehow be tied to or treated like a short description?

You answer the phone and if you know the person's voice (have been introduced?) you see the text in a different color?

hrm.. i dunno if phone voices should be ever matched up with who you've been introduced to. (if such a thing as voice recognition would ever be done with the cell phones.)

side rant caused by a long day:
ooo! security voice recognition! -that- would be fun.... you had them as door locks and starting a car... it's a bit easier to fool then bio-metrics... wait never mind... don't the elevators have that? voice recognition? or is it simply voice control?

uhm back to the original train of thought...

i can recognise someone on the phone usualy after only one phone call but not after only an in person intro.(people's voices sound -way- diff. on the phone then in person)... my mom on the other hand still can't tell it's me when i call. so i think that a simple gender check would be more realisitc... you got the obviouse, "hey -you're- not Bob!" when a female voice says, "hello?" possibility and it seems like it would be less veriables to plug into the code... wait.. what the hell do i know about code?

sheesh... *wanders off*

oh, ignore the spelling/word order stuff... i'm feeling too lazy to proof read my post. hrm.. but not too lazy to keep typing... go figure.

Yeah, see the thing is people can 'try' and disguise their voice... and I guess that could rely on your disguse skill, so that would just make the voice unknown. But how does one know when once's been introduced before? Really this goes back to short descriptions vs. names...

And in this time and place, voice changing technology would be really common, (hell I'm thinking cyberware here) but that's just not what were concentrating on here... so unless there's a sudden influx of coding talent, don't hold your breath.

Nice idea though.


Ok, first of all, caller ID is cool to have but it doesn't really help with the un-realism behind not actually -hearing- the voice on the other end of the phone. Just knowing whose phone is being used to call you doesn't tell you who's using that phone.

I have to point out that not only would you actually be able to recognize whether the voice is male or female, you would also detect any accent they have. I know a player who always used to put *english accent* before the first thing he said in a phone conversation. That was a neat touch.

We could all just start putting *a pleasant female voice* or some such descriptive thing before what we say in the phone. That's one way to RP it. Or, if your character is calling her boyfriend and he'd recognize her voice, you could even put *Tylissa's voice* but of course that still isn't as perfect as it'd be if we could really see a coded difference.

Yet again, one neat idea that may happen eventually. In the meantime, let's keep calling each other and having fun! =P

Having the characters RP the voices is most likely out of the question. God knows people would abuse that to no end.

Joe would say *Cartman's voice* and Cartman would say *Brad's voice* and everything would get even more confusing than it is now.

I think that gender distinction would do just fine.

Joe can't pretend to sound like cartman?