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Shades over contacts.
Can we make it possible?

Can we make it possible to wear shades over contact lenses? Seems reasonable. Thanks.
This feels very silly that you can't do this right now, unless it's some balance issue (which even it is, it still feels silly). I think this would be a great idea!
On the other hand I'm thinking "why"...

Shades conceal one of the things which makes up your disguise. If people can recognize your undisguised face while you have shades on, then I'm not sure why hiding your fake eye color would not make it easier for you to be recognized.

I know the game code doesn't know the difference, but the game code doesn't let you use shades (without contacts) to enhance any disguise either.

On the other hand I'm thinking "why"...

Because ideally you wear your contacts between your eyes and your glasses and not the other way around.

Non-visible disguise items providing a disguise effect is already a thing besides.
That didn't even occur to me. Of course if a wearable can't go over another it means the other CAN go over the first.

Hoo boy... yeah but anyway I wasn't asking why should we fix this, I was asking why you'd ever hide the contacts. Just because you would if you could, I guess?

Oh no wait... there's actually a really good reason to wear shades over a disguising item.

Style > substance.