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SHFL goes to hollywood!
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Miranda

It would be amazing if there was a way to pause the game in Super happy fun land.
I mean, you'r kicking gunther's ass with 2 guns.. then you go find the other terrorist abd start kicking his ass and in the heat of the moment you real life hits and suck you backt o reality kicking and screaming.. you have no way of fighting other than going gaurded and praying. you lose control over the fight and cuold possibly lose. (this is not a bitch cause i lost... i actually won the otherday while dealing with IRL stuff.. diaspointed me really.. but oh well) so it'd be super cool if there was a way to pause.
and i can already see the arguements... you can't pause in an arcade irl... i know i know.. so maybe this is pointless.. but it would be super cool if a 'pause' command was available for SHFL.

versus mode would be much more fun... you know like the car games where you can race 2-6 of your closest friends at once, only you kick eachother's ass, or work togther..

I expect that eventually, there will be more/better games.  But, ya knoqw, it takes time and all.