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A few suggestions...

Alright, went through the new game and came up with a few possible ideas... I know Kev spent a buttload of time on it, and it rocks... just seeing if I can help boost the atmopshere...

EDITTED: Communication idea, discussed below.

Second... you can kill someone once and take all their cash... why not make it credit? Someone who keeps winning is really unstoppable, but then they get killed, and lose all their items. Someone else gets them.

I guess in big games, that doesn't matter... my idea just keeps people from getting bonus cash from killing people. (Unless it was coded that way... in which case, just ignore me... lol.) It also allows people who didn't spend all their cash, to 'save up' if you will...

Third, perhaps some thermo to be bought? Expensive, but allows you to see sneakers...

I think thats it, will post more if I get more ideas...

Again, awesome code.

(Edited by Lucifer at 7:22 pm on Jan. 5, 2004)

EDITTED: Discussed below.

(Edited by Lucifer at 7:21 pm on Jan. 5, 2004)

In-game communication is planned (everyone get's a radio tuned to the teams freq).

Thermo I did overlook, but will add, along with some other toys which may or may not be in the game.

We'll see how the money/gear thing works out for now. Winners will keep on winning, but it dosn't make sence to reward the loosers either... we'll see.

Armor suffers from the same problem the rest of the game suffers from: No one's made the levels of gradation yet. When that's done, i'll stick it in there too.

Glad you like it. Keep the comments comming.

What do you think of the fast-paced nature of it? I wanted to 'keep things moving' as best I could... Soon as one game ends, another one is starting almost right away. Is it too fast? Should there be a time limit on the games (there is one, but it's really long right now) to keep them moving regardless?


(Edited by Kevlar at 4:51 pm on Jan. 5, 2004)

Oh yeah, and the offical name of the game is Riot Gear. The map was orinigally done by Finn, and I wrote some of the code for it a while ago. It took me 4 days to finish the remaining 40% of the code, put everything together, test it, and ship it.


Hmm, some ideas.
"Team indicators" so you see team members even when hidden.
Maybe some other maps.
Not right away but it would be cool.  Maybe optional radar (either teams decided to use or not before hand or as a purchase) that tell you the direction of other people from you.

Option to increase time in game... as well as a display of how much time you currently have remaining...


Different personas you can pick up... like, I guess the best way to see it would be stat-skill freezeframes. Allows people to 'electronically' be what they always wanted to be... maybe a boxer wants to use a sniper rifle... or a cop who's good with a gun wants to take on the form of a stealthy theif who knives his victims... Load up a persona before battle starts... talk with your team to coordinate what type of people you want/need... Talk about strategy ideas here...

Roaming NPCs... could be an interesting ad-in option...

Maybe make it harder for everyone to sneak...? Again, thermos would help here. Everyone sneaking kind of stalls the games a bit.

buyable skills?

Not sure if this is already coded in or not... but I got kicked out of a game before it even started.

Would time in the waiting room be docked as playtime? I don't think it should be. You're sitting there waiting for the games to end... Could be forever, and you lose all that time....

Skills are your own. Perhaps we can look into skill buying at a later date.

New maps are easy because it uses a plugable design: Just make a new area, memento it, and plug it in. Just gotta convince a GM to section off an existing piece of the game or dig a new one for it. I wash my hands of it as this is something anyone can do, and there's more code to write which GM's can't.

There's a serious bug plauging it right now: Combat was never designed to have combatants become recyclables in the middle of combat (*shakes his fist at Rastus' assumptions!*), so timing out while in combat in the game breaks combat in that room.. To fix, everyone in the room must stop attacking before you re-attack (it does handle the person leaving correctly, so the game won't get stuck). I'll fix this tonight.

There's also some wierdities with avatars, which allows people to some (non-serious) things which they shouldn't be able to. I'll be fixing this tonight as well.

Keep them comming!!!


(Edited by Kevlar at 6:28 pm on Jan. 5, 2004)

How about it lets you know when you have 5 minutes left, and then tells you when you get kicked.

It'd be cool if you could update your time while in the waiting rooms.

Oh, how about some judge stuff. �For people who want to act like judges in the virtual world. �Corpie kids could play judges and mixers.
Corpie 1: I get to be Aikao.
Corpie 2: You're always Aikao, I want to be him.
Corpie 1: No way, you have to be Murphy.
Multi-kill games.  This would get past the problem of waiting forever.  Just make game last a certain number of minutes.  Then see who had the most kills and deaths and stuff and award money based on that.

(Edited by Hirononbu at 7:25 pm on Jan. 5, 2004)

One word. Experience.

What if you could 'load' a character that gained actual experience like in a real video game?

Better skills, AE if you will. Its just a game, you play it alot, you get better. Things like that.

And you can always load a different persona if you want to. There are no stakes involved... so I don't see what this can't be implimented... (thought it may be hard to code...)

I say keep it simple...don't blow your brains out too much.  This is a nice way for people to spar without having to use the medic...prob never replace fight night...but hey.

I like it a lot...was surprised at how well i did.  very surprised.

I know the description for the stimsimming skill says something about the use or virtual environments, not just the design and creation.  Could affect your digital persona.  Hey, another corpie job. Anyone who wants to step up could icly design new maps and get payed for it.

Make it so you can't fight in the lobbys.

The experience thing is an interesting idea....but I think it might be going past the line of the mini-game aspect. We don't want to be spending more time building our mini-game char. than the MOO char.

You now can choose an alias for your avatar.


And you can watch games that are in progress via the giant wall screen.

After everyone on one team is dead, allow sometime to loot corpses before ending the game.

A screen in the waiting room, so you can see whats going on while you wait for it to end would be cool too.

Hmm, get knocked out yet I continue to grapple someone.

Maybe make it possible to set different rules for your game, no grapple, no hiding, no disarming, no friendly fire, for people who want to play different ways

(Edited by Hirononbu at 1:26 am on Jan. 6, 2004)

The game allows for combat that you don't often get to see...

It has already shown quite a few combative bugs that I am very sure that admin know about. So a few things are still going to be buggy... they are combat bugs, not SHFL bugs.

*chuckles* switched teams just as the count down ended...and because of that i didn't get entered into the game...

*shrugs* just somethin'  I typed as fast as i could but i switched just after "one"


So you can now watch the game from outside (not inside... sorry) in the main room.

You also know how much time you have left when your in the waiting room.

I think I allready mentioned Aliases work, but in case I didn't, you can now choose a name while going in to preserve your anonymity. Abusers of this feature will be treated like any other abusers of bugs. Specifically I caution against too short or too long aliases, aliases with more than one word, and purposefully hard to type aliases. You gotta keep yourself in check because the code won't in this case.

Combat, following, and grappling are pretty messed up due to things being recycled at odd moments... and in general when under heavy load. My next priority is to get these systems rock solid, which will require a bit of a refactoring.

If you experience problems, stop walking, stop attacking, and ask everyone else to do the same. This seems to fix 90% of the problems you encounter. When I'm done, these things simply won't happen. If you still need help, xhelp, but don't report every little bug you find. We know it's broke, and are working on it. Once the refactoring is complete, I'll make an announcement saying so so you can start @bugging the problems again.

Glad everyone's getting a kick out of this! After the existing code is fixed, we intend to make the avatar skills/stats a little more customizable (although I'm not giving out details yet), so that'll be fun. Enjoy!


I have found and fixed a few serious bugs with the SHFL games and you should again feel free to play.

(Edited by Kevlar at 10:33 pm on June 27, 2005)

Is that that 'virtua-terrorists' game that was shut down for awhile? If so..I've gotta get in on some of this.

Dude, for how short it is, it's chill as hell, there needs to be more levels though.