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shooting guns into the air
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Christian

You should be able to fire guns into the air, not hurting anyone of course.. I guess later on it could be used to shoot up buildings, etc. But until then, it'd be neat to fire warning shots.

We could have some target practice too... Like cans or cats... or bums

Yeah, and later, when it falls under the will of gravity, it can come down on some poor random shmo's head, that is if it don't get lodged in the ceiling over our head, I dunno how high and tough the material holding GOLD over RED's heads is so I couldn't tell you which way it would go.

Corpie Joe is walking down the streets of GOLD.

A loud crack fills the air as concrete and steel shrapnel explodes into the air around Corpie Joe, dismembering him as a 6mm bullet flies through the ground from the level below.