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Should be a suicide flag.

Something you can @toggle to show people in the room that your corpse doesn't want to be cloned or brought back to life.

This way you don't waste ten minutes or however long it takes to go light to be saved in the very last second.

Except that this is IC and you can't have an OOC message in IC world like that.

You have to take it as it is and find a bigger, more explosive death if you want one. YOu can of course just retire. Leave Withmore and never come back.

It's not your choice whether you get cloned or rescued by design. You could always write a suicide note explaining that you don't want it to happen to you, but there are no guarantees someone isn't going to do it anyway.

An indicator that people should metagame so that you can complete your OOC wish to move on?

Bad @idea.

Don't expect, ask or hope that other players will NOT do what's IC for their characters. Especially when you aren't committed to roleplaying your own.

One of my most memorable bits of RP when I was super new revolved around trying to corpse clone someone who had gone to the light. Rallied help. Even had to have guards animate since we couldn't lift the corpse to save them, just to have it fail. Bunch of RP followed after to find out if someone murdered them. Like weeks. Coming to learn after all this that it was suicide fucked my PC up so proper... well, I still remember it. Definitely like it how it is.